Fragile is Life: A Tribute to Lee Ann MacMillan

Fragile is life.

One moment we’re here,

and the next, who knows?

They say live life to the fullest,

but that’s not so easy

when you’re crippled by sadness.

Self-worth can’t save the Self

when that sacred connection is broken beyond repair.

Life’s changes come with challenges.

Some feel insurmountable,

while others are small enough to keep us going.

Support is everything,

but what happens when it’s not enough?

The thing is,

these challenges are often invisible.

We can’t see our friends and loved ones

being crushed by them

until it’s too late.

That’s why we must love hard.

Give nothing but love.

Love so hard that it becomes undeniable by the receiver.

You truly never know when it will be their last day on Earth.

So, yes, we could try our best to live this life to the fullest,

but let’s start with this day,

for Lee.


Depression, cyberbullying, and suicide are very real. As someone who lives with depression and has been cyberbullied in the past, it crushes me to see a beautiful life ended too early because of the weight they bare. Mental health needs to be talked about more, with vulnerability and without shame, because more people struggle with it than we can even fathom. Lee MacMillan wasn’t someone I was close with personally, but she certainly inspired me and countless people more than words can describe. She was a world traveler, videographer, creative, outspoken mental health advocate, best friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, and so much more. She was truly a light in so many lives. After hearing the tragic news of her death, I can only hold myself and my loved ones closer, hoping something like this doesn’t happen again. My love and support goes out to all of her friends and family.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about harming themselves:
USA: 800-273-8255 or or text TALK to 741741

More resources at

To read the sweet words Lee’s loved ones wrote about her and to take a peek into Life with Lee, visit: or listen to this recent episode of REROOT with Eamon & Bec.

ALSO: Her family and friends are establishing a foundation in her name to promote mental health awareness and to combat cyberbullying. While they work to establish the foundation, a GoFundMe has been set up to collect donations to continue her advocacy.

To donate, visit:

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