5 Must-Have Beauty Products in the Peace Corps

I knew before coming to Timor that this was a country without recycling programs or even national waste management programs. That said, I wanted to bring with me as little packaged health and beauty products as possible. These are the best things I brought with me! Shampoo Bars If you are already friends with me, … More 5 Must-Have Beauty Products in the Peace Corps

Cry-Proof Eyeliner?

Hi everyone! It’s me, Sophie, and I am BACK! First off, time for some quick life updates: I graduated!!! I am now living in Boston and working full-time I spent 2 months travelling in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia Ok, now that we’ve gotten this out of the way let’s move onto what … More Cry-Proof Eyeliner?

Small fo’ What?

I recently came to the decision to embrace what my naturally-athletic body wants to be: a buff, badass bitch. Why did it take this long, you may ask? Well, as most girls, I’ve been conditioned to make myself as small as possible. Being tall and athletic was this “curse” on me for all of my … More Small fo’ What?

Wet N Wild Haul

You may have recently heard that Wet N Wild reformulated their eye shadow formula. More importantly, however, is the fact that they brought out a Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance (MR) dupe. The MR palette came onto the scene almost 2 years ago and took the makeup world by storm. The colors are all warm … More Wet N Wild Haul

Easy Holiday Look

Today was my last day of classes this semester. So, naturally, that meant it was completely appropriate to whip out a Christmas sweater and a holiday makeup look! I wanted to share because this is a relatively easy look but still has a fun pop of glitter and the classic red lips (holiday sweater optional, … More Easy Holiday Look