About Us

This blog a passion project started in 2016 by Marta Gravier. It is curated for badass women everywhere, young and old, tall and short, and of every color under the sun. Our team of writers seeks to provide resources for healthy living, empowerment, beauty, and travel. Feminine Boutique is a space made by and for female powerhouses!

Our team currently includes Gianna, Marta, Céline and Kayla.





Editor: Gianna




Gianna Salazar one of the four fabulous bloggers and the editor of Feminine Boutique. She studies Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy, is passionate about the well-being of the planet and loves to educate others about how to live healthier lives. Also, she’s a mermaid.





Founder/ Co-Editor : Marta 

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Marta Gravier is a writer and social activist. She is the brain behind the fabulous idea for Feminine Boutique and curated the original team. She collects stories from women around the world and shares them on Feminine Boutique. When she isn’t writing the day away, she can be found reading, crocheting, playing the ukulele and jumping at every opportunity to travel. Her portfolio can be found here: https://martagravier.contently.com/





Writer: Céline


Céline is a Congo-born, South-Africa raised artist and writer. She moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to pursue acting and discovered her love of all-round writing too. Her writing started as angsty poetry, moved to songwriting, and now includes blogging and screenwriting. She cares about social justice, her family and friends, and the environment. She enjoys drinking hot beverages, making music, staring emotionally at cat-pictures, and leaving parties early to go dance in her apartment until 4am. She prefers not to leave the house. But when she does, she writes about it on this here blog. She’s a comedian on satirical news show ‘The Mix and Serve” and is currently working on her own projects.


Writer: Kayla

Kayla is a recent graduate of the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island and a current student at the Institute to Integrative Nutrition where she is working to develop a health coaching profession. As she grounds herself in Providence, RI for a bit, she works as a freelance social media evaluator and organizes travel tours in the northeast region of the states with Vegan on the Map, a global vegan travel agency. Having done quite a bit of traveling throughout the past 5 years, she loves to share her knowledge and experiences using her passion for writing.