About Us

Back in 2016, a small group of young women decided to start a blog to fill in a gap they saw in online content – motivated women from all backgrounds, ages, and countries using their voices to share critical ideas and have a space to talk as women.

Since then, we have evolved as a group to incorporate more voices and narrow our focus to cover topics of mental health, sustainability, and intersectional feminism.

This is our platform. We hope you enjoy reading.

– Marta Gravier, Founder and Webmaster

Editor in Chief

Gianna Salazar has been with Feminine Boutique since 2016 and is the current Editor. As a recent college graduate with a BFA in Acting For Film, she can be found pursuing her acting career when not working on the blog. In her spare time, she loves hiking her favorite trails, reading, or thrift shopping. Gianna has always had a passion for the environment as well as fashion and is always looking for new ways to lessen her carbon footprint. Check out her posts for information on how stay true to your morals, and be fashionable while doing it.

Contributing Writer

Kayla is a young entrepreneur based out of Providence, Rhode Island. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Accountability Coach and Reiki Practitioner and has recently launched her practice, Soul Hug. Kayla incorporates spirituality and light-heartedness into everything she does. She enjoys experimenting with fermentation, spending time connecting with nature, trying new plant-based foods, and shaking her hips to live music. Many difficult life experiences has brought her to realize the importance of mental health, as well as physical health and alternative healing modalities. Writing and sharing what she’s learned on her unique journey really lights Kayla up. 

Contributing Writer

Céline is constantly recovering from a series of identity crises. But, aren’t all millennials? Born in Congo, raised in South Africa, she has a multitude of cultural experiences that have fuelled her passion for social justice. When not consuming Michael Schur sitcoms, she writes songs, shows, sketches and sassy blog posts. An avid consumer of film and television, she will share her excitement about representation in media on this here blog.

Contributing Writer

If something doesn’t involve humanitarianism, environmentalism, health, honesty, creativity, mobility and freedom…that institution is not for Lauren. Can you tell she’s an aquarius sun? She follows the stars so those who know her beware when she geeks out about astrology. Spreading positive messages involving the glass half full approach to life is a huge motto of hers, because it’s the same glass at the end of the day so it just depends how you look at it. C’est la vie baby!

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