Black Panther

By: Céline Hello, Resident African writer here (the RA, if you may) making the inevitable post about Black Panther. I WAS READY TO POST THIS ON SATURDAY, Y’ALL! I’m supposed to be hungover from the Wakanda Weekend but OH MY GAAD BLACK PANTHER WAS SO LIT OH MY GOODNESS I CANNOT DZEAL DAMN IT WAS […]

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The People You Meet

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps, or the Timor-Leste Government. Six months ago, in what I thought was the hottest time of year, my newlywed husband and I boarded a series of planes across the world. We had joined the Peace […]

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Book Recommendation

Hey, everyone! It is the dead of winter up here in Maine; I don’t remember the last time I walked to class without slipping on ice! This week I want to share an incredible book that is sure to add beauty and color to a bleak winter. It’s called The God of Small Things, written […]

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Life Update+What 2018 Holds

Hello lovely people! Happy New Year and welcome to my first post of 2018!! I hope this year has treated you well so far. Personally, these past few weeks have been rewarding, exciting and challenging. I’m finishing up my fourth semester in school (this is my last week :D) which means finals and getting ready […]

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Wet N Wild Haul

You may have recently heard that Wet N Wild reformulated their eye shadow formula. More importantly, however, is the fact that they brought out a Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance (MR) dupe. The MR palette came onto the scene almost 2 years ago and took the makeup world by storm. The colors are all warm […]

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January Book Recommendation!

  Hey, everyone!! I can’t believe January is almost half over already! I’ve been keeping up with my star system to help with my New Years resolutions, and so far I’ve improved quite a bit. This week I want to return to a book review! One of my New Years resolutions is to read at […]

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Time is a Social Construct

Yes, ‘Time is a social construct’, but…   It’s the beginning of the year. We’re 2 weeks in. It’s still a time of beginnings and excitement and enthusiasm. But there’s always THAT ONE GUY who reminds us that “time is a social construct.” Yes, it is. And of course Capitalism takes advantage of it. And […]

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