Marta’s Wedding Makeup

Welcome to the second and final part of Marta’s wedding series! Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have an extra special post because it is about the beautiful Marta’s wedding day makeup. I had the honor of doing her makeup on the special day. I’m going to talk about the techniques I used, the makeup I […]

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Hey everyone! Our wonderful Marta is on her way to Timor Leste at the moment but this week we decided to have a small wedding series about Marta’s wedding. Below is a post written by Marta about planning her awesome wedding. Check back on Thursday for a post about her wedding makeup which will be […]


Easy Peasy Colorful Look

Hi everyone! Today’s post is brought to you by summer and Mariah Leonard. There’s something so satisfying about bright looks in summer. So last week, when I saw a colorful makeup look on Instagram by Mariah Leonard (see here) I was instantly super inspired. Therefore, in an effort to avoid studying this past Sunday, I […]

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Movie pick of the week

Hello ladies! As we are half way through the summer, I wanted to spice up my first blog post with a new movie that came out last week. My movie recommendation for you ladies is Girls Trip! The storyline is simple and somewhat predictable. If you’re looking for a twist or something unpredictable, this is […]

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Menstruation Series: Part IV

Hey everyone, This is the final installation of the Menstruation Series, and my final official blog post here on Feminine Boutique. What started as a mission to create more female-centered content is now growing into a hub of passionate writers who make this blog as wonderful as it is. Gah – leaving is bittersweet! In […]

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Menstruation Series: Part III

Hey everyone! This time around in the Menstruation Series, I bring to you the greatest thing since sliced bread and another reusable menstrual product… Period underwear! I really like these, because unlike cups or tampons, they can be worn like regular underwear during your period, and they are machine washable like the rest of your […]

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Best (Budget) Blush

Hi everyone! Today I am writing about something particularly exciting: my favorite blushes. I discovered these earlier in 2017 and quickly realized that no one else was talking about them. I am still dumbfounded by this because not only are they amazing, they’re also cheap! So, what blush is it? H&M Beauty Blushes. H&M?? OK but aren’t […]

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Menstruation Series: Part II

Hey everyone! Last time in the menstruation series, I talked about the difficulties girls and women encounter in the developing world. I particularly concern myself with this issue because in 38 days, I will start my journey as a Peace Corps volunteer (YAY!!). Living in a developing country with no plumbing, waste management facilities, or electricity […]

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Food Talk

From the past year or so, I’ve had a chance to really get in touch with my body. Thats mostly because I started going to the gym very regularly. And when you spend one hour a day on yourself, working on yourself, you start hearing what your body has to say. Over the year, I’ve […]

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