Kitchen Innovations For the Lackluster Apartment

The very first host family I lived with since being in Timor was located in a subsistence farming community in the mountains. Being that the electricity regularly goes out (hello, candlelit dinner, reading, going to the outhouse…) cooking here is done in a very traditional manner, with a few modern twists. That said, my first … More Kitchen Innovations For the Lackluster Apartment

Iceland Travel Guide

Hi friends! Today let’s talk about my favorite island nation, Iceland. I’ve been to Iceland twice now and it is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s a very unique country and one of the few places I still want to go back to (usually after I’ve been somewhere I don’t have the … More Iceland Travel Guide

We’re Godparents! (Update with Marta & Shaun)

Below is a blog post that was originally published on Marta and Shaun’s blog documenting their time in Timor-Leste. You can find their blog here. Enjoy the update and follow their blog for more great content! About two weeks ago, we were approached by our host parents asking about something. They seemed a bit nervous, and … More We’re Godparents! (Update with Marta & Shaun)

5 Day French Toast (Marta&Shaun Update)

Below is the latest post documenting Marta and Shaun’s adventure in Timor-Leste. You can view the original post and more here. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   We’ve been trying to get into the habit of cooking one American style meal for our family every week. Last week, we made an Italian inspired dish called Carbonara with pasta and … More 5 Day French Toast (Marta&Shaun Update)