Best Travel Backpack

I’m (finally) in my last year of university. My plans for after graduation? I hope to travel for a few months over the summer and then start a job feeling ~refreshed~. I know a lot of other people in my life have similar plans as mine, whether or not they are graduating this year. I’ve written a few travel posts before but I just want to say if you are lucky enough to take some time off to travel I would highly recommend it.

Now, if you are going to be travelling for an extended period of time (I’d say 3+ weeks honestly), I’d recommend getting a backpack. I love travelling with a backpack, so much so that I actually never use a suitcase anymore. I like that I never have to check a bag, my hands are always free because my bag is on my back, and I’m way faster and more agile than anyone with a suitcase (subway stairs anyone?).


Anyways, now that you know that I love travelling with a backpack, let’s talk about the backpack I love so dearly. Three years ago I spent hours researching backpacks and I ended up getting the Farpoint 55 from Osprey. The reasons I chose this backpack are as follows:

  • It’s a backpack you can fully unzip, instead of a top loading backpack because that is much easier to pack and unpack which I was doing every 3-4 days while travelling.
  • There is a day pack you can zip on and off the main backpack, which makes it very easy to carry around.
  • It’s a very comfortable backpack to carry as there are good waist clips.
  • The backpack I have fits as a carry on 100% of the time. I use the backpack as my carry on and the day pack as a “personal item.” The more recent backpacks seem a bit larger, however when the backpack is on your back you will almost never be questioned.
  • There is a compartment that zips over all the straps making it a backpack you can also check. Most airlines do not let you check a backpack because there are too many straps hanging out, this fixes that.
  • There are clips on the front so you can wear the backpack and clip the day pack onto the front. This is what my brother and I like to call full dad mode, however it is super helpful when travelling and you need access to things in your day pack (like passports and snacks!).


When travelling with this backpack I do use packing cubes (compression and normal) because I think it is pretty necessary to organize the backpack. The inside of the backpack has no compartments, which is great because you can set it up as you please. My longest trip with this backpack was a 6 week trip in Europe, but honestly once you’re gone for more than a week and a half it’s all the same in my opinion because you will have to be doing laundry.

In sum, I highly recommend travelling with a backpack, in particular this one. If you are considering this backpack, I recommend going to a local outdoor store and trying it out to see if you find it comfortable.

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