Mindful Advice for Making Local To Global Impact

Written by Lauren Greetings from the smallest state in America, ‘lil Rhode Island! I have reassessed what my values are during this transitional period of my life, post-undergrad career, and have just begun some ventures.  At the University of Rhode Island, their motto was always the ironic, “Think big, we do!”. Now, living in the … More Mindful Advice for Making Local To Global Impact

Senior Anxiety

Hi All! I have two finals today and a presentation on Friday and then next semester I’m a senior! I will officially be done with school next May and I am excited as well as a little nervous. Excited because I’ll finally be able to devote all of my time to my career, but a little … More Senior Anxiety

The Dating Game

Hello again, my loves Today, I want to try my hand at some dating/ relationship advice. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relationships and how they can be affected by social media, which is what has prompted me to write this today. Over the course of the last few years, I have dated several … More The Dating Game