Living Radically: Graduating Early

Hey readers,

This past weekend, I graduated college! Well, almost. It’s story time.

Three years ago, I graduated high school with every intention to either, A) Travel the world on my own, or B) Move across the country and attend college on the west coast. Instead, I ended up going to college fifteen minutes down the road from my house.

My father is a professor, which means an opportunity for a debt-free education. He works at a business school, which while great, was never a path I wanted to go down. What’s more, I wanted to adventure!!! But with no money saved up and no other prospects, I went to the last place I wanted to be on earth–school with my parents and living at home.


I have always been the type of person to make the best of any situation, and that is exactly what I did. Freshman year, I joined clubs and found my place learning Mandarin Chinese with an awesome group of people. Sophomore year, I got a job as resident assistant, which allowed me to fulfill my dream of living on campus. That really changed everything, because up until that point, I was trying extremely hard to make friends on campus. The good friends I made in freshman year had graduated or left altogether and like many college students, I had to find some more. While being a resident assistant put me on campus full-time, I can honestly say it is the reason I made my next move: graduate college one year early.

flag bearer

They say that your vibes attract your tribe, and in my case, I was trapped in a bubble were there were either zero vibes or I wasn’t vibing right. Either way, I didn’t make anymore strong connections at school, and I decided to make the most of my college opportunity in a new way: use my free tuition to take a ton of extra classes and be done with school forever. And so, I did it. I found my class of 2018 gear and changed it all to 2017. I made school about classes and not about making strong connections on campus, and I spent more time on projects like Feminine Boutique (which is way more fun than school).


Finally, this semester came around. It was the hardest yet, probably because I was so close to the end, and also because I was amidst lining up a job for after I graduated. I kept my head down, worked hard, and managed to make the honor roll for every semester since the beginning of this ride. I chugged through the busy work, the work that actually mattered, and then some. And now, with two summer classes left, I can already say I have crossed the stage and truly took advantage of every opportunity given to me. And, in about two months, I get to finally pursue that dream of traveling the world by serving in the Peace Corps with my partner in crime.


Moral of the story? No matter the cards you are dealt, keep playing the game. Keep trying, and keep hacking at whatever wall stands in your way, because most walls are worth knocking down. Remember, you are in charge of your destiny.

Living radically,


Living Radically: Graduating Early

Sunday funday

Do you what equals having $20, a car, good music, and your closest friends? It equals to the best road/beach trip, ever!

We decided on a spontaneous random adventure. All we knew was our destination, we just decided to wing it after that. On the day of the trip, we practically raided the CVS near our house. It was a cheat day for everyone. The amount of stuff everyone was piling onto the counter had me a little worried, it was too much. But always remember, you can never have too much of Cheetos cheese puffs, pringles, iced tea, and coke when you are going on a road trip!

We were ready to go and we sure did. Our destination was Fire Island, NY, a good 2 hour drive from our apartment. However, close to reaching the town, we realised that we needed a federal permit to drive further. On the bright side though, we were already in the middle-of-nowhere-town and in a midst of two state parks.

There was no way we were turning back, so we ended up at the Robert Moses State Park. It was glorious. And thank god for all the food we bought because there were no beachy restaurants in sight there.

Sunny, ocassionally overcast, skies, beautiful wind, ice cold water, and great laughs!

I really recommend getting lost and going on a short road trip. It will get your mind off the busy season and recharge you for the remaining hustle.


(P.S. There were a shit ton of sea gulls eyeing our pringles there.)



Sunday funday



Usually, when my friends and I are craving Indian food we end up going to 28th and Lexington. However, with less than two months before I graduate, I want to make sure I cover as much of New York City as I can and go beyond my comfort zone.

This past Sunday was the first sunny and warm day of spring. We decided to go to Masalawala on Essex Street in Soho. The place had good reviews and their menu was hilarious. Its a short 10 minute walk from the Bleecker St station.


It was a small and cozy spot; the music and atmosphere was intimate. My friend and I were surrounded by families. We were starving and we jetted off by ordering a bunch of things from their menu. If you’re looking to indulge in a burst of taste, please order the “Borivali Papri Chaat.” It was delicious and tasted just like home.

The restaurant overlooks a park and unusually wide streets (of this particular part of) Soho and that space makes it feel like an extension of the restaurant.

Definitely, a must visit! If you’re looking to indulge.