(Yummy) Ugly Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan cake


It’s been a while since I wrote to you guys. Things were a little rough, but what doesn’t a sinfully delicious chocolate cake not solve?

I think the best cure for the blues is whipping out the batter and the oven with your little sister. All this while listening to Crank that by Soulja boy.

Here is the recipe for the wonderful cake:


And here is how it turned out:


It looks very appetizing (I know) but not very pretty. But sometimes that food is the best tasting food out there. What matters is that it was made out of love and extreme enthusiasm. It made me and my sister dancing all over the kitchen and laughing.

This is home and this delicious chocolate cake it only an evidence of how home makes everything better for me.

(Yummy) Ugly Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan cake

Sunday funday

Do you what equals having $20, a car, good music, and your closest friends? It equals to the best road/beach trip, ever!

We decided on a spontaneous random adventure. All we knew was our destination, we just decided to wing it after that. On the day of the trip, we practically raided the CVS near our house. It was a cheat day for everyone. The amount of stuff everyone was piling onto the counter had me a little worried, it was too much. But always remember, you can never have too much of Cheetos cheese puffs, pringles, iced tea, and coke when you are going on a road trip!

We were ready to go and we sure did. Our destination was Fire Island, NY, a good 2 hour drive from our apartment. However, close to reaching the town, we realised that we needed a federal permit to drive further. On the bright side though, we were already in the middle-of-nowhere-town and in a midst of two state parks.

There was no way we were turning back, so we ended up at theĀ Robert Moses State Park. It was glorious. And thank god for all the food we bought because there were no beachy restaurants in sight there.

Sunny, ocassionally overcast, skies, beautiful wind, ice cold water, and great laughs!

I really recommend getting lost and going on a short road trip. It will get your mind off the busy season and recharge you for the remaining hustle.


(P.S. There were a shit ton of sea gulls eyeing our pringles there.)



Sunday funday