My Dream Valentine’s Day Vacation Destinations [That Aren’t Paris]

Once again, I’m spending this Valentine’s Day here in New England as a single woman. And that’s fine by me!! Though I do love to travel and I have dreamt about where I would want to go with the future love of my life. Before I get into those dreams, let me tell you what I’m … More My Dream Valentine’s Day Vacation Destinations [That Aren’t Paris]

Dating Yourself

I have been ruminating on the concept of dating oneself for quite some time. Just the other day one of my favorite YouTube channels, Vice, put out a mini documentary about a woman who married herself. I was so intrigued by her reasoning behind it; it’s a commitment to loving yourself and being responsible for … More Dating Yourself

I Ain’t Sorry

For as long as I can remember, I have always apologized for too many things. My sister even nicknamed me “The Sorry Girl” when she was lecturing me (I know, VERY creative name). I know many people may share this struggle in various ways, but I’m here to tell you there is hope! You can … More I Ain’t Sorry