5 Must-Have Beauty Products in the Peace Corps

I knew before coming to Timor that this was a country without recycling programs or even national waste management programs. That said, I wanted to bring with me as little packaged health and beauty products as possible. These are the best things I brought with me! Shampoo Bars If you are already friends with me, … More 5 Must-Have Beauty Products in the Peace Corps

Honeymoon in Bali

Hey there! I’ve just returned from a belated honeymoon and first wedding anniversary vacation, and let me tell you… it was fabulous! There are so many reasons people are attracted to this little island, and even more reasons to come back and explore some more. Between the proud local culture, easy accessibility to both luxury … More Honeymoon in Bali

Recreating Home Classics

We are almost at the one year mark in Timor-Leste (WOOHOOOOO! #wemadeit), and having officially moved into independent housing means lots and lots of experimental cooking. We live on an island with seasonal availability of ingredients, sometimes no eggs for weeks at a time, and a blazing heat that can ruin most dairy products. No problem, Timor. I’ve accepted your food challenges, … More Recreating Home Classics

What Timor Is Teaching Me About Conservation

Living in Timor has opened my eyes quite a lot to the issue of conservation. Like Gianna talked about in her last post, many of the problems we find in the environment are caused by humans messing things up in the first place. We have entire industries piggyback riding on the notion of becoming green and eco-friendly, because we … More What Timor Is Teaching Me About Conservation