Alone & Healing in a Foreign Country: When Tragedy Spurs Growth.

~Written by Kayla~   I came into the week with the thought of writing about being a vegan traveler or traveling minimalistically, which I will eventually write about, but the past week has contained a whirlwind of emotions and experiences that have led me to the need to write about a more sensitive and unique … More Alone & Healing in a Foreign Country: When Tragedy Spurs Growth.

Small fo’ What?

I recently came to the decision to embrace what my naturally-athletic body wants to be: a buff, badass bitch. Why did it take this long, you may ask? Well, as most girls, I’ve been conditioned to make myself as small as possible. Being tall and athletic was this “curse” on me for all of my … More Small fo’ What?

Identity Crisis

In a previous post, I talked briefly about how Timor’s history of colonialism had drastically affected the meaning of beauty in this country. For about 500 years, Timor-Leste has been controlled by others, and this has influenced their language, customs, and perspectives of other peoples. Almost 20 years since independence, you could call the current … More Identity Crisis

My Dear Host-Mother

We have a saying here in Timor-Leste and it goes like this: “Feto forte, nasaun forte.” It translates to “Strong women, strong nation,” and is a popular phrase blurted out in meetings concerning women and the future of this young country. Many of my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers have heard me talk about my host-mom … More My Dear Host-Mother