Menstruation Series: Part IV

Hey everyone, This is the final installation of the Menstruation Series, and my final official blog post here on Feminine Boutique. What started as a mission to create more female-centered content is now growing into a hub of passionate writers who make this blog as wonderful as it is. Gah – leaving is bittersweet! In […]

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Menstruation Series: Part I

Hey everyone! A couple of months ago, my partner and I were invited to serve in the Peace Corps. Super exciting! While we are still waiting for medical clearance (fingers crossed), this possible adventure got me thinking a lot about periods. Where we were going, there is very little electricity, and no running water, not […]

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Stay Gold

Hey Everyone! As I’m sure most of you know, graduation season is well underway. Seeing my friend’s and family’s graduation pictures has made me think about my own graduation and how I have grown in the years since. It all started a few weeks ago when my classmates told me about about a conversation they […]

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Women’s March: Coast to Coast

This blogpost is co-written by Gianna and Marta, and shares their experiences at the Women’s March on Washington, a global movement fighting for equality. Gianna describes the march on the West coast in LA, and Marta describes the march on the East coast in Washington DC. Feminine Boutique stands in solidarity with all you feminists! West Coast […]

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Tuesday Spotlight: Kasheka Chitkara

Kasheka Chitkara is a sophomore at Bryant University, hailing from Cape Cod. She studies Management and Sociology, and loves dogs. Movies and binge watching TV shows on Netflix are a number one pastime, with SVU  being a favorite. Kasheka involves herself in multiple student efforts on campus that fight for human rights and justice for […]

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Spotlight Tuesday: Victoria Eastman

Victoria Eastman is an International Business Marketing major at Bryant University, studying French and Communication as a double minor. She cares a lot about traveling the world and exploring how different people live their lives. She wants to experience all of the crazy, weird things life has to offer, and knows that these make the […]

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Spotlight Tuesday: Liz Oluokun

Elizabeth Oluokun, better known as Liz, is a Communications and Business Management student at Bryant University. Born in Nigeria, she came to the United States with her family at six years old. After some time in Tennessee, she came up to Worcester, Massachusetts. The second oldest of seven children now lives in Framingham. MG: What […]

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