Book of the Week

Hey, friends! I hope everyone is having a safe and productive start to September! I have been so busy moving back into school and starting classes, and it’s so easy to not take any time for yourself to just ~relax~. I a new book recommendation for y’all, I hope you enjoy! I accidentally took this […]

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Movie Recommendation

Hello ladies, My last movie recommendation was a comedy and today I want to introduce a semi-different genre to your watch list. To The Bone was released on Netflix this summer and it has created quite a stir. The movie follows a girl, Ellen or Eli played by Lily Collins, diagnosed with anorexia and her […]

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  Hello, lovely people! A few weeks ago, during my research about living a zero waste lifestyle,I came across this super cool company called “Imperfect Produce”. I was drawn to the company initially because of the images of mangled fruits and veggies that you don’t normally see at grocery stores. I’ve been ordering from Imperfect […]

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Late Summer Reading

  Hey, everyone! For many of us, school is just around the corner! This week, I’m going to talk about some notable titles that are sure to inspire and entertain you when you need a break from your busy schedule. The first book I want to review is Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?. I picked […]

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Affordable Fashion Tips

Hello ladies, I bet many of us have the same habit of looking at our wardrobe, full of clothes, and thinking “OMG, what am I gonna wear today?” or “I have nothing to wear!” It doesn’t matter if we’re trying to be fashionable or not, choosing clothes every morning can be a difficult project sometimes. […]

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Variations on a Jean Theme

  Hello there! This week, I’m going to be giving you another way you can revamp your wardrobe for little, to no money. A few weeks ago, I transformed a pair of jeans that I had into a skirt, and I decided that I had to share it with you all. I had always heard […]

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Marta’s Wedding Makeup

Welcome to the second and final part of Marta’s wedding series! Happy Thursday everyone! Today I have an extra special post because it is about the beautiful Marta’s wedding day makeup. I had the honor of doing her makeup on the special day. I’m going to talk about the techniques I used, the makeup I […]

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Hey everyone! Our wonderful Marta is on her way to Timor Leste at the moment but this week we decided to have a small wedding series about Marta’s wedding. Below is a post written by Marta about planning her awesome wedding. Check back on Thursday for a post about her wedding makeup which will be […]


Easy Peasy Colorful Look

Hi everyone! Today’s post is brought to you by summer and Mariah Leonard. There’s something so satisfying about bright looks in summer. So last week, when I saw a colorful makeup look on Instagram by Mariah Leonard (see here) I was instantly super inspired. Therefore, in an effort to avoid studying this past Sunday, I […]

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