(Yummy) Ugly Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan cake


It’s been a while since I wrote to you guys. Things were a little rough, but what doesn’t a sinfully delicious chocolate cake not solve?

I think the best cure for the blues is whipping out the batter and the oven with your little sister. All this while listening to Crank that by Soulja boy.

Here is the recipe for the wonderful cake:


And here is how it turned out:


It looks very appetizing (I know) but not very pretty. But sometimes that food is the best tasting food out there. What matters is that it was made out of love and extreme enthusiasm. It made me and my sister dancing all over the kitchen and laughing.

This is home and this delicious chocolate cake it only an evidence of how home makes everything better for me.

(Yummy) Ugly Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan cake

NYC Soho find

For the last one and half years, my staple breakfast food has been a good old egg and cheese sandwich. I’ve probably had it every single day.

My friend was visiting NYC for the last couple of days and recommended that we go to Egg Shop. At first, when I looked at the menu, I was very confused. There were strange mix of foods and stuff that I had never heard of before. I almost asked her to change or reservation. However, I am so glad she didn’t budge.

Egg Shop is a tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Elizabeth Street. Just a five minute walk from the Spring St. subway stop (6 train). They serve their coffee in transperant mugs, the coffee was great btw! I ordered a custom egg and cheese sandwich with Vermont white Cheddar and caramelized onion aioli, on a paninni roll.


To say that I was impressed and satisfied is an understatement. The bread was soft and warm and egg whites fluffy. There was just the perfect amount of cheese and onion aioli, giving the whole sandwich an extra something.

Definitely recommended for a quick, wonderful, and filling breakfast!


NYC Soho find

Sunday funday

Do you what equals having $20, a car, good music, and your closest friends? It equals to the best road/beach trip, ever!

We decided on a spontaneous random adventure. All we knew was our destination, we just decided to wing it after that. On the day of the trip, we practically raided the CVS near our house. It was a cheat day for everyone. The amount of stuff everyone was piling onto the counter had me a little worried, it was too much. But always remember, you can never have too much of Cheetos cheese puffs, pringles, iced tea, and coke when you are going on a road trip!

We were ready to go and we sure did. Our destination was Fire Island, NY, a good 2 hour drive from our apartment. However, close to reaching the town, we realised that we needed a federal permit to drive further. On the bright side though, we were already in the middle-of-nowhere-town and in a midst of two state parks.

There was no way we were turning back, so we ended up at the Robert Moses State Park. It was glorious. And thank god for all the food we bought because there were no beachy restaurants in sight there.

Sunny, ocassionally overcast, skies, beautiful wind, ice cold water, and great laughs!

I really recommend getting lost and going on a short road trip. It will get your mind off the busy season and recharge you for the remaining hustle.


(P.S. There were a shit ton of sea gulls eyeing our pringles there.)



Sunday funday



Usually, when my friends and I are craving Indian food we end up going to 28th and Lexington. However, with less than two months before I graduate, I want to make sure I cover as much of New York City as I can and go beyond my comfort zone.

This past Sunday was the first sunny and warm day of spring. We decided to go to Masalawala on Essex Street in Soho. The place had good reviews and their menu was hilarious. Its a short 10 minute walk from the Bleecker St station.


It was a small and cozy spot; the music and atmosphere was intimate. My friend and I were surrounded by families. We were starving and we jetted off by ordering a bunch of things from their menu. If you’re looking to indulge in a burst of taste, please order the “Borivali Papri Chaat.” It was delicious and tasted just like home.

The restaurant overlooks a park and unusually wide streets (of this particular part of) Soho and that space makes it feel like an extension of the restaurant.

Definitely, a must visit! If you’re looking to indulge.




Love in a cup

I am going to dedicate this entire post to my love affair with Starbucks. First of all, it smells so good. The aromas of different coffees just envelope you as you enter and instantly comfort you, it is definitely my go-to place every time I am feeling down. Secondly, I just wanted to appreciate their beautiful new spring cups!! They literally made my day when I first got my hands on them last Friday.


There is just something about walking into a Starbucks that makes me feel at home. Usually, when I walk into a chain I am hit by a wave of nausea. Everything is the same, everywhere I go, and there is a kind of complacency that happens in the way things are presented. It feels like this dystopian land where everyone is compiled to eat, drink, wear the same things. However, Starbucks has always been about quality, presentation, and service. Three things that make me want to go back again and again.

Starbucks was introduced in India 4 years ago. At that time, there were hardly any coffee shops that one could go, sit, and enjoy a cup of coffee. However, Starbucks came in and bombarded my city (Mumbai) with multiple franchises with free wifi and frappuccino’s, changing the definition of what a coffee shop is. It suddenly became acceptable to go there and read a book by yourself. A new culture was born, a culture that only a niche enjoyed but that was now available to everyone.

So, here’s to Starbucks for doing it right. For being so accessible to the crowds, and for sheltering people from the wrath of the world with delicious coffee, good music, and comfy couches.

Love in a cup

Westward (in India)

Originally, my ancestors hail from the northwest part of India called Gujarat. It’s a vibrant, colorful place known for its food, folk dances, and colors! One thing that sets Gujarati food apart from all the other foods is the fact that its a little on the sweeter end (i.e. lots of sugar + spice).

New York continues to surprise me with its food. Two days ago, I got to taste a platter full of Gujarati food and I think I just found my go to place for everytime I miss home.

The restaurant’s name is Vatan. If you’re looking for an authentic Indian food option, this is definitely the place to go. The place is set up such that it feels as if you’re sitting in a rural village. On one wall there is a giant statue of Lord Ganesha. A themed restaurant done right, in my opinion.

The food is served in a manner that is called a “Thali” aka a platter with various different foods (the refills are unlimited). It’s a fixed menu and each Thali costs $34.

I admit it was a little overwhelming to have so many options but I dug in after a little thought. I also admit I was a little skeptical about how the food from my home would taste like in NYC, but I was not let down!

The appetizer Thali
The Entreé Thali

(what is not in the picture: A big bowl of rice, a big bowl of curried rice, curry)

After gulping all of this down, the server asked us if we’re ready for dessert. My cousin and I looked at each other, sighing and defeated, said we’re ready to get the check.



Westward (in India)

Saturday at Sarabeths

I think it’s easy to assume that one wouldn’t mind indulging in a fancy brunch, occasionally. Going to Sarabeths was a long time coming. Located on 27th and Park Ave, this establishment serves one of the best coffees I’ve had in the city.


We arrived slightly later than the usual brunch time (1 pm), but bless them because their brunch menu runs until 4 pm.

The restaurant is huge, so we did not have any trouble finding a seat only a few minutes after we arrived. Although, if you’re more than two people it’ll be wise to make a reservation.

They have an elaborate menu, so choosing something took a bit of a time. However, whatever we ordered did not disappoint us!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am always a little hesitant to order home fries. They’ve always been too salty, too oily, basically too much of something. But guys, this dish was perfect. Definitely made it to my top 5 home fries in America.

The Omelette was just perfect. Fluffy and filled with oozing cheddar and veggies. I almost thought I would not be able to eat it all. I did, though. Cannot waste food. 

My friend got the Morning Bowl, and she devoured it, so I am assuming that it was everything that she ever wanted that morning.

It is easy to say that if you’re in New York and are looking for an excellent, a little pricey, fancy brunch place, please go to Sarabeths!! It won’t disappoint.

Also, did I mention that finding their bathroom is like going into a Labyrinth?  It’s all good, though. I made it out alive.



Saturday at Sarabeths