Ego Says What?

I’ve been consistently building my self-awareness for as long as I can remember. One of my most recent endeavours has been to differentiate what is coming from my ego and what is coming from me (or my inner self). And whew, chile, it is not easy! Sure, recognizing it is real simple. But stopping yourself from … More Ego Says What?

Five Faves of 2018

As we know, 2018 had its ups and downs. Tr*mp was still president, men still hollered at women on the streets, internet trolls still all-caps’ed rape victims for daring to speak against injustice. But, there were MANY things that really went well for the underdogs this year. Feminism, particularly intersectional feminism, and representation really made … More Five Faves of 2018

‘Crazy Rich Asians:’ So Nice I Had to See it Twice

You’re living under a bigger rock than I am if you haven’t heard of ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ Fortunately and unfortunately, IT’S A CULTURAL PHENOMENON! Fortunately, because it’s an all-Asian cast. Unfortunately, because a universal story centered around people who are not white should not be such a revolution. But hey, we’re getting there with diversity! … More ‘Crazy Rich Asians:’ So Nice I Had to See it Twice

Small fo’ What?

I recently came to the decision to embrace what my naturally-athletic body wants to be: a buff, badass bitch. Why did it take this long, you may ask? Well, as most girls, I’ve been conditioned to make myself as small as possible. Being tall and athletic was this “curse” on me for all of my … More Small fo’ What?