Menstruation Series: Part IV

Hey everyone, This is the final installation of the Menstruation Series, and my final official blog post here on Feminine Boutique. What started as a mission to create more female-centered content is now growing into a hub of passionate writers who make this blog as wonderful as it is. Gah – leaving is bittersweet! In […]

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Menstruation Series: Part III

Hey everyone! This time around in the Menstruation Series, I bring to you the greatest thing since sliced bread and another reusable menstrual product… Period underwear! I really like these, because unlike cups or tampons, they can be worn like regular underwear during your period, and they are machine washable like the rest of your […]

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Menstruation Series: Part II

Hey everyone! Last time in the menstruation series, I talked about the difficulties girls and women encounter in the developing world. I particularly concern myself with this issue because in 38 days, I will start my journey as a Peace Corps volunteer (YAY!!). Living in a developing country with no plumbing, waste management facilities, or electricity […]

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Menstruation Series: Part I

Hey everyone! A couple of months ago, my partner and I were invited to serve in the Peace Corps. Super exciting! While we are still waiting for medical clearance (fingers crossed), this possible adventure got me thinking a lot about periods. Where we were going, there is very little electricity, and no running water, not […]

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Living Radically: Graduating Early

Hey readers, This past weekend, I graduated college! Well, almost. It’s story time. Three years ago, I graduated high school with every intention to either, A) Travel the world on my own, or B) Move across the country and attend college on the west coast. Instead, I ended up going to college fifteen minutes down […]

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Tuesday Spotlight: Miti Desai

Miti Desai is our New York foodie on Feminine Boutique. She studies writing at Sarah Lawrence College just outside the Big Apple, but is actually from Mumbai, India. She calls herself a writer—which she finds to be a conflicting title some days. When she isn’t exploring the city, she can be found enjoying a cup […]

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Tuesday Spotlight: Gianna Salazar

Gianna Salazar is a writer here on Feminine Boutique, as well as actress extraordinaire, environmental advocate, and bookworm. She studies Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. When she isn’t working at Whole Foods and Guess, she spends her time dancing, playing guitar (electric, specifically), hiking, learning languages, and swimming. […]

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