3 Sailing Channels That Will Inspire You to Set Sail

Many people have dreamed of buying a boat and setting off for the horizon. Sailboats are often a symbol of ultimate freedom and adventure, untethered from conventional life. These are the vessels on which Polynesians traversed the remote Pacific to discover new islands, and Europeans finally figured out there was more land and people on the planet than they thought. Being able to sail is a means of travel that will long outlast any piece of machinery, and teaches artful simplicity.

Buying our sailboat actually started as a joke – no, we didn’t spend years (or even months, for that matter) dreaming of sailing away. In fact, we had no idea that living and traveling full time on a boat was even possible. In the 10 days between deciding to buy a boat, and actually buying our boat, we lived and breathed hours and hours of YouTube sailing channels. Here are the ones that inspired us to take the leap and live life afloat.

Sailing Project Atticus

This cruising couple, made up of Desiree and Jordan, bought a 30 foot, 50 year old sailboat for $5000, and sailed it around the Caribbean. We ended up really identifying with them, because we spent less than that on a boat the same size and a teensy bit younger. We love the simplicity of how they lived on Atticus, and the personable adventures they had with the people of the Caribbean. Their lifestyle reminded us of our time in Peace Corps a bit.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Elaina and Riley (and Lenny) are the stars of this insanely popular sailing channel. They’ve been sailing around the world for a few years, and liveaboard a 45 foot catamaran. While they are definitely living a much higher tier life than we can afford (yet), they are so inspirational in how they travel. We love learning about sailing a catamaran from them, and of course following their adventures.

Sailing Uma

Kika and Dan are the epitome of sailboat DIY projects – just watch their boat tour above and you’ll see what I mean. They’ve been a fountain of information for simple and innovative boat projects. One such project idea (that we totally stole) was beer cozying our hull to reduce condensation in the winter months. Their boat is about the same age as ours, and they’ve managed to make it look and feel like a much more modern vessel.

Honorable Mention: Wind Hippie Sailing

I didn’t discover this channel until a few months into living aboard our boat, but I love it! The channel follows the adventures of Holly, a female sailor in her twenties sailing solo around the world. Her videos have come a long way in quality, but the rawness of footage captures her adventures in a refreshing way. She inspires me to keep the boat simple and be a better sailor. I want to try single hand sailing this year because of her.

Are you feeling inspired?

I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as I do – they are a constant source of inspiration for me to continue pursuing this adventurous and liberating way of life!

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