Podcast Recommendations From Someone Who Listens to Them for a Living

I listen to podcasts for a living. Yes, it’s true! I’m a freelance copywriter for podcasters, so I spend many hours a week listening to podcasts that are predominantly about business, health and wellness, travel, and spirituality. I’ve been doing this for almost one year now and while that’s crazy to think about (covid has felt like an eternity in some ways and a flash in others), I’m quite amazed at how many different and unique voices and perspectives I’ve been able to listen to during this time.

The following podcasts are some that I’ve come across that have left a lasting impression in my mind and my heart. They’re podcasts I often reference in conversations, recommend to friends and family, and I genuinely enjoy listening to. The voices captured in these podcasts represent a wide variety of experiences and knowledge. With podcasting becoming the new radio, in my opinion, I really hope you leave this article with a new favorite… and if you’ve never listened to a podcast before, these podcasts are great to start with!

  1. Guys We F****d by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson

This is honestly my all-time favorite podcast. Hosted by two kickass women in their 30s, who also happen to be comedians living in NYC, this anti-slut shaming podcast “continues to pave the way toward a healthier outlook on sex.” They started the podcast years ago by interviewing men that they’ve slept with and it has evolved into fascinating discussions on the most taboo sex topics with revolutionaries in sex ed/health, fellow comedians, and cultural icons. This podcast has taught me a lot about all sorts of things but also keeps me laughing and highly entertained. They’re now exclusively on Luminary, which requires a (very worth it) subscription, but you can find years’ worth of episodes anywhere you stream your podcasts.

2. Pop Psych 101 by Ryan Engelstad

Hosted by Licensed Therapist, Ryan Engelstad, along with a few other hosts that change each season, Pop Psych 101 candidly analyzes popular films, TV series, music, and books based on themes of mental health and mental illness. They talk about common pop culture mental health tropes and question the accuracy of their portrayal in the particular film, etc. It’s so interesting hearing insights from a therapist as we reflect on how Mary Poppins or BoJack Horseman sheds light on heavy themes of mental illness in their storyline. They keep the episodes light and easy to digest, though, so it’s still entertaining and educational. Highly recommend!

3. Your Story Medicine by June Kaewsith aka ‘Jumakae’

Your Story Medicine holds space for interviews with entrepreneurs and changemakers in the fields of coaching, wellness, and the arts. You’ll hear about each person’s unique medicine, or the gift they share with the world, and how their life and their medicine have been impacted by their ancestral lineage. Challenging the definition of what it means to be a healer, Your Story Medicine dives into topics of decolonization, reclamation, self-care, activism, spirituality, and sacred entrepreneurship. I find this podcast to be extremely eye-opening and humbling, especially as a white person certified in health coaching and Reiki. It’s important to remember where ancient medicine originated and to show reverence to those whose medicine it truly is.

4. Badass Digital Nomads by Kristin Wilson

As someone who loves traveling and working as a freelancer, Badass Digital Nomads is a great podcast to learn the ins and outs of digital nomadism while hearing incredible stories from the most cosmopolitan global citizens I’ve ever heard of. Kristin has years of experience as a world traveler and entrepreneur, offering 100+ episodes that will keep you inspired and dreaming of your future travels. If you’re interested in breaking free from your 9-5 job that keeps you tied down to pursue a lifestyle of freedom, flexibility, and travel, look no further! Kristin and her diverse array of guests give you all the information and inspiration you need to make that your reality. All you need is a willingness to take the risk!

5. A Mother’s Space by Kimberley Barnard

Even though I’m not a mother yet, and frankly, I really haven’t wanted to have children, I find this podcast so eye-opening. My best friend recently had her first baby and I’ve become more fascinated and at awe with the motherhood journey. I’m now open to the possibility of becoming a mother someday because I’ve taken the time to learn and open my heart to the idea. A Mother’s Space has helped me do that. This podcast offers raw, honest insight into the challenges and beauties of becoming and being a mother while holding a safe space for mothers to vulnerably share their stories and resonate with one another. There’s a focus on wellbeing, as well as reconnecting and rediscovering who you are as a mother (or, I suppose, exploring who you could be as a mother).

There we have it! Five podcast recommendations from someone who listens to podcasts for a living. All five of these podcasts are beautifully produced and offer valuable insights that I always appreciate. If you give any of these a listen and want to chat about them, I’m totally here for that.

If you have any podcast recommendations for me, I would love to hear them! If you want me to write about more podcasts, let me know in the comments!

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