A Letter to the Girl Whose Wanderlust is Raging

Dear you,

You’re used to being able to escape your hometown whenever you please. You’re used to making friends with new people and observing the vague familiarity of a different culture. You’re used to smelling the air of new places you’re exploring. Though, it’s been 10 months since you’ve been able to spread your wings and be the free spirit you were born to be…

Have you felt the walls of your quarantine abode cave in around you? Have you cried while reminiscing on memories you’ve made during your travels? Have you daydreamed so hard that you forget you’ve been wearing the same pajamas for three days? Yes, it’s been 10 months since you’ve been able to spread your wings and be the free spirit you were born to be… but has it?

Let’s take a moment, only a moment, to reflect on the last ten months. The brain loves to indulge itself in the negativity of life, as well as what we don’t have, so while we set aside the not so pleasant parts of the pandemic era, let’s flash back to the adventures you had… because I know you had some, despite the limitations.

Now that you’ve acknowledged the times you were able to spread your wanderlust-dusted wings in 2020, like the time you hiked a trail you’d never hiked before or went through the photos you’d never looked at from a trip you took three years ago… how else can you sprinkle wanderlust dust on your reality and not feel so lonely and confined?

My mind reverts back to my philosophy of dating yourself. Dating yourself is in fact still possible, even though restaurants and cafes aren’t as accessible for hanging out and shopping or self-care luxuries aren’t as user-friendly as they once were. Even if it’s getting a latte to-go from a local coffee shop you’ve never tried and driving to a scenic view to enjoy it… get out and go. Do it. What’s stopping you?

Explore a part of your state you’ve never been to. People often say travelers and tourists know more about their own state than they do! Maybe it’s time to explore the unknown that surrounds you and see it from a new perspective?

A large part of travel is a sense of adventure and discovery. Find ways you can incorporate that into your life. Just like health practitioners advise people to add more greens and lessen the meat in their diet, add more adventure and lessen the time spent on the couch.

Adventure and discovery can also come from within. I’ve been on a yoga and meditation journey for a few weeks, exploring the depths of my consciousness and reconnecting to my physical body every morning, which has been extremely liberating and revitalizing. It’s discovery that comes from within.

Take time off from work like you would if you were taking a trip somewhere. Learn a new language or brush up on the foreign language you know so that when you do leave the country again, you’ll be extra prepared. Book a damn Airbnb, Vrbo, or Hipcamp, following the covid regulations of course, and have yourself a getaway! You deserve some adventure, so go out and get it!


Your Fellow Wanderlust-dusted Gal

PS – A great song came on right after I finished writing this, which I think could offer you some comfort and a fun ass dance sesh… 😉 Don’t You Worry by Electric Fields


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