We’re on Patreon!

We are excited to announce our creator’s page on Patreon! 💃✨

Many of you will already know our story, but just in case you haven’t heard it before…

Back in 2016, a small group of young women decided to start a blog to fill in a gap they saw in online content – motivated women from all backgrounds, ages, and countries using their voices to share critical ideas and have a space to talk as women.

Since then, we have evolved as a group to incorporate more voices and narrow our focus to cover topics of mental health, sustainability, and intersectional feminism.

Today, our team of four includes Gianna, Kayla, Céline, and Marta. And we are looking to grow and create a more sustainable blog (pun intended!).

We have two major goals right now – the first is allows us to pay for our annual web hosting fees, for without paying these, we wouldn’t be online.

The second goal is to start paying our four fabulous staff writers for the wonderful content they produce! They do amazing work, and a little 🧀 would be great to make up for the time and thought put into each and every post.

We are so happy to see you here, and hope you consider becoming a Patron.


-The Feminine Boutique Blog Squad

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