Mantras The USA Needs Right Now

I’m going to cut right to the chase here because I know we’re all exhausted from looking at screens, reading bullshit, and not feeling like we can breathe with all the political smog in the air. Here are a few mantras you can incorporate into your day to help cope with all the election madness surrounding us.

I am abundant no matter who the president is.

The government wasn’t created to make me succeed, I can do that myself.

I accept others for who they are and I am accepted for who I am.

I am safe and secure.

I have gifts that benefit my community and the world as a whole.

There is peace within me that I can tap into at any moment.

My country is resilient.

Everything I need is already within me.

Unrest leads to change, which the Universe has created for us.

I have an unbreakable support system. If I fall, I will be caught.

All is temporary.

Take these mantras with you, keep them in your back pocket, and use them whenever you feel anxiety, worry, doubt, sadness, or hopelessness creeping into your mental space. Know that this Feminine Boutique space is for open, honest, non-judgemental support and inspiration, especially through these seemingly dark times. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Which mantra serves you the most?

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