3 Cancelled Netflix Shows I’ll Never Get Over

There are few first-world problems worse than a favourite show being cancelled. But it’s so much worse when it’s the underdogs, the ones that represent marginalised groups, that don’t make it. So, I’m here to discuss why these three shows were so important.

1. One Day at a Time

This is just an amazing feel-good show that does not shy away from discussing real shit. This show had me belly-laughing and ugly-crying in the space of 10 minutes. It was a unique perspective that so many people could relate to. Any immigrant family could find a place there, and also learn about Cuban culture. I think they gave each issue the gravity it deserved. The actors were absolutely fantastic– they really took us on those emotional journeys. I have to give a special shout out to the lead Justina Machado for acting her ass off in every episode. Rita Moreno is also a gem.

THANKFULLY, the show was saved by a cable network. So, season 4 has started airing on Pop TV (if you’re in the US. The rest of us will have to make a plan 👀)

2. I Am Not Okay with This

I feel you

First of all, can we just acknowledge that the title describes my mood for this whole post? Moving on: this quirky, dark teen dramedy was a breath of fresh air. It mixed a unique plot and supernatural elements along with all the trappings of a typical teen show. The female love interest, the love interest’s dumb boyfriend, except this time it was from the point of view of a girl?? How often have we seen that?

I think it was some damn good storytelling, but the show was cancelled mostly due to COVID, so… oh well. I’d highly recommend the show if you like teen drama, comedy and superpowers. It’s all there.

If you’re looking for some teen drama with a fresh perspective, people of colour AND a gay girl of colour, watch ‘Never Have I Ever.’ I’d love to get into that in a future post!

3. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Okay now this one really touched me on my studio. It broke my heart. I was in denial about it for so long but alas, it is true.

This late-night show was so important. Not only did he discuss a myriad of NB NB topics, but so many of those insights gave a voice to South Asian people and, honestly, people of color in general. Yes, I personally related to being an immigrant child and got so much life from Asian people on the internet enjoying being represented, but from an objective point of view, it brought so much value.

Hasan has an amazingly witty sense of humor and knew exactly when to give serious topics the gravity they warranted. (I mentioned his response to the BLM movement in this post) I’m thankfully not the only person who was touched by this- this article goes into detail about the show and the fans’ response to its cancellation.

You know I’m all about representation, and it really sucks when shows that are giving the marginalized a voice get cancelled. But, I’m really happy Patriot Act had a few seasons/volumes. It deserves many, many more, but I’ll hold faith it’ll have a comeback and, in the meantime, celebrate that more and more diverse stories are coming out (I hate the word ‘diverse’ low-key, but whatevs.) He’s a great comedian and I look forward to what he’ll bring next.

In the meantime, support your faves, watch shows starring people who are different to you. I promise, humans are not so entirely different from each other. Fake-deep moment over.

What other shows would you recommend on Netflix? We need some consolation! Have you watched ‘Never Have I Ever’?

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