Why it’s important to constantly celebrate yourself

Making life a celebration sounds fun, right? But why do we tend to wait to celebrate until a monumental event? Why do we so easily overlook the small victories in life, only to rush to the next?

This is my call to action: Celebrate every victory, big or small!

Many of us, whether we realize it or not, need constant reminders that we’re doing well at this game of life… that we’re on the right path… and that we’re strong and capable of doing anything we put our minds to. If we go too long without recognition for our achievements, we may start to feel inadequate, unappreciated, or like we’re not growing fast enough. I urge you to figure out what your love language is (or your top love languages, because you might have more than one!) and incorporate that into how you celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. For example, I’ve been growing my freelance writing career over the past few months and I keep hitting goals that I’ve set for myself. I recently hit $1000 in revenue so what did I do? (by the way, one of my love languages is words of affirmation ) I literally shouted wooooohoooo you did it! and immediately told my partner, who then gave me lots of loving words of affirmation to express how proud of me he is. A week or two ago, I was getting down on myself for not making enough money as a writer, but then I flipped my mindset into a mindset of abundance and pride. I gave myself a pep talk out loud while driving in my car and gave myself the words of affirmation I needed in that moment.

Celebrating will look different for everyone. You may want to buy yourself a bottle of wine or a new pair of shoes, dance around your house to your favorite song, take a day off, tell everyone you know what you’ve accomplished, or you might just let out a little squeal and a big grin. The body and the mind recognize when good things happen and they want that energy to keep going, so keep it going! Take time to soak in the glory that you’ve created for yourself. Whether it’s meal prepping for the week ahead, setting aside 5 minutes to meditate, fixing a rip in your pants, or even just getting out of bed and taking a shower… you deserve to show yourself love and appreciation.

It’s not enough to rely on other people to celebrate our victories and show us appreciation. In my opinion, recognition from the Self often carries more weight than recognition from external sources. If we speak to ourselves with loving kindness, celebrating the good that we do in life, we are more likely to view ourselves in a positive, loving way. We’re more likely to be able to fill up our own cup. It boosts confidence, knowing that we can do what we set out to do.

So with this in mind, is there any reason you feel like you could celebrate today? And I seriously mean any reason! Let me know what victory you’re celebrating and we can celebrate together.

Today, I’m celebrating putting my clean laundry away and paying my vision/dental insurance on time.

With love and light being sent your way,


2 thoughts on “Why it’s important to constantly celebrate yourself

  1. You are my daughter!!!!!Yaaaaaaay!!!!!
    I finished a shawl I’ve been knitting !!!!!
    I’m teaching artsy classes!
    My hair is beautiful!!!
    I have you to 💗!
    Great job!! Keep those wonderful words flowing, not to mention the $!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woooooo yayy mom!! You are so amazing! I love you! Thank you!


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