On my own again…

It’s official. The time has come! I’m moving out! Ya girl just got her own apartment!

For the majority of my life, I’ve lived with other people. My parents, best friends, acquaintances, strangers, my partner… sometimes with 6-7 people in the house at once. There’s only been one other time that I’ve lived on my own, which was sophomore year in college. I lived in a super small house by the beach in Narragansett. It was cool, but I felt super lonely. In a sense, it felt like going from dorm life to living on my own, in a different town, with all my friends back at the dorms separated me from them. The next year, I went back to living with other people, and it’s been a crazy ride ever since.

I’ve evolved in ways I never thought I would. I bounced from home to home, year after year or season after season, experiencing life in different types of living situations. Even building out a van into a tiny home was almost my reality. So close! More recently, I’ve developed a special bond to the space that surrounds me. I feel like I’ve grown the fuck up, to be honest. I now have dreams of owning a home and land and creating a sacred space for myself and my partner. Friends have moved away, though many are still pretty close. I’ve outgrown having roommates, I’ve outgrown certain styles of decor, I’ve outgrown a lazy, unintentional way of living in a space. I’m ready to move on from this giant apartment that has housed me for the past two years. It’s time I have my own space again.

Working from home will never feel the same again ❤

This will be the first time I’ll ever have a space that I can completely decorate and arrange the way I want it to be. That first solo house I had was filled with the most awful wallpaper and nautical decorations that I tried to cover up with tapestries and posters and such. Soo college. This next apartment has me envisioning space like I never have before. I can even paint the bathroom a different color! If you can’t tell, I’M STOKED.

Oh man, my meditation corner is about to be DOPE!

I won’t be moving in for another 2 weeks or so, therefore, I don’t have any photos of the space yet… because it hasn’t been created! Though, I would love to share photos and inspiration of my new space once it’s been put together. I want to share the positive effects of taking a leap and diving into making a home a sacred place that fosters health and well-being. Maybe my experience can inspire and motivate you to change things up a bit; to incorporate intentional living and arranging of items to ignite a sense of peace and comfort in your home. For many people, it doesn’t require moving for that to be accomplished. Just small changes here and there can make a big difference.

c’mon yoga mat, we’re setting up shop elsewhere!

That’s all for now folks, I’ve got stuff to pack up! I’ll talk to you soon.

Love and light,


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