Sexy Sustainable Shopping Tips for 2020

By Lauren Tutuny

Hola! It’s Lala here to carry on a little about my environmental anxiety, and how it isn’t interfering with me dressing sexy during quarantine.

If you’re anything like me, and the other 4.8 million humans currently unemployed in the United States, you may be craving a shopping spree to subdue those restless nerves because of the lack of action going on with businesses being closed.  It’s obviously challenging and a completely different shopping experience these days. TRUST ME I have attempted a couple times to shop socially distanced, and it’s not as fun as freely sniffing candles in Marshalls or TJ Maxx was one year ago. I haven’t quite boycotted all fast fashion, but being selective about where I get certain pieces soothes my morals.  Stores are controlling and capping the amount of people entering each store with sanitizers and masks and it’s pretty exhausting. Creative Ballin’ on a Budget Suggestions:

As I mentioned in my previous post, the fast fashion industry consumes 20% of the world’s freshwater supply (we only have access to 1% of the world’s fresh water supply for all 7.8 BILLION humans) and it’s a good point in time to start to reserve as much water as possible if people want their babies to be dressed in Gucci flip flops fifty years from now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-designer brands (for the most part), this perspective is coming from a woman that used to work at Nordstrom. My personal wardrobe contains a plethora of bohemian and eclectic cute pieces of earth tones and cheetah print.

I appreciate all of the beauty and self expression and art that the fashion industry has provided for my upbringing the past 25 years.  I just don’t favour the marketing approaches of the beauty industry telling us we NEED a product to “fix” our lack of worthiness and beauty every season or you’re a peasant if you don’t have the new louis vuitton 2022 handbag.  If we want to evolve and grow fashionably as a species, it’s time to switch up our approaches to fashion and feeling good (because “look good, feel good, do good” has been my motto since I was seventeen). Shopping doesn’t have to be daunting.  Here’s some tips to stay sexy n’ sustainable this year! ;

I’ve opted for shopping in my friend’s closets instead.  I’ve been either literally asking to buy clothing out of my close girl friends’ closet when I see something appealing. Or I’ve been shopping on my friend’s online stores like Poshmark or Depop. POSHMARK is a cool way to thrift cute designer brands from friends, and it still has that thrifted vibe.  Or you could even host a clothes swap party with some friends to switch up your seasonal wardrobe and recycle old pieces as hand me downs! Recycling clothes is key, donate to local centers. If I do choose the thrift life, I’ll cumulate some pieces from savers and get styled by a friend, and my roomie, for a quick photo shoot to show how having an eye for specific fun pieces to pair with more basic pieces can come together beautifully with grit and passion;

Me on my front porch styled by my sister Torey Cotrone’s closet (Saver’s Corterois, Express blouse)

If I am craving some shopping, I have visited local stores and boutiques that I know are going to a small business owner. My personal local favorites that I can walk to in my little nook on the East Side of Providence RI, have included Evolve Apothecary (women owned), J Marcell (donates proceeds through a fundraiser, to Sojourner House which is a nonprofit in Rhode Island that assists domestic abuse survivors), or Wildflour Vegan Cafe.  Shopping local and supporting small businesses and minorities is a powerful choice to control where your money in the economy is going.

Here is a list of Black Owned Sustainable brands;


-A A K S 

-CanDid Art

-Kind Socks



-OUI the people

-PiperWai Deodorant

Vintage Fashion:


-Colorful Nomad

-Jane Dottie Vintage

-Washington Ave

Vegan Food Products:

-Atlas Monroe

-Aya Raw Foods

-Better Chew

-Funky Mello

-Power Bites

Fashion will be moving towards more long-term pieces instead of seasonal trends.  A piece is considered “vintage” when it is between 20-100 years old.  With lifestyle changes rapidly evolving, fashion can provide the self care and expression to power through and move forward with a boost of beauty and confidence! Support your friend’s businesses,  and please share ideas on how to support brands that reflect yours style and morals. 



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