Vibe it Up

By Lauren Tutuny

Would you ever change the frequency?

Like the great EDM artist Shrillex said in his song “would you ever” states, would you ever change the frequency? Yes I am talking vibes, vibrations, the frequency waves our bodies are constantly bouncing; intaking and outtakes into the universe on a regular 24/7 basis.   If you know what I mean then you are on a similar wavelength, if not this article will be perfect to expand your knowledge of personal power you can take when you are aware of your own energy fields and can adjust to the wavelengths of life around you. This falls under scientific and spiritual levels of existence. 

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed the “vibe”.  Everything has a magnetic field, including the pennies in your purse or the plant next to your potatoes in the kitchen.  This ties into auras that aren’t exactly visible to the naked eye, but slide a special sheet in front of the right camera lens and voila, aura photography!  Or if you want to attempt to change your personal bodily vibe, alter your thoughts to something more positive and it will show.  The law of attraction is always working.

As an empath, I am highly sensitive to people’s emotions and the energetic shifts of the world’s overall climate including the stars in the sky.  Sometimes these feelings aren’t mine.  So I attempt to draw a boundary line and listen to my inner voice of how I am sensing life at that moment.   

Ways to vibe it up ;

  1. Buy some Crystals! My personal favourites are Flourite, Celenite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.  These are powerful energy clearers.  The photo above shows my crystal from Sedona, Arizona the energy vortex of the World.  Try digging into which ones may go with your needs and preferences for what you wish to acquire. Crystals are grounding and can channel energy to a certain chakra (energy point)  on your body that needs some love and healing.
  1. Dance! Try to shift your energy by some shaking.  Energy and emotions hide within our joints. The music can literally have control of your mood and blood pressure. 
  1. Yoga! Breathe through the motions of life.
  1. Fueng the Shway.  Move your space around weekly and to clear out excess germs and bad vibes try some sage or palo santo! 

Life is always moving whether we want it to go on or not. Gaining some control and encompassing your personal power through our choice of tuning in to the right frequencies are optimal for a little peace of mind. These vibrations that are seemingly “negative” are also a necessary part of life, but instead of letting something reactively consume or define you, throw some mindfulness into your life by not judging what’s going on, control what you can and just go with the frequency flow (as if life is that easy).

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