Dreaming up another big road trip

An opportunity to travel with my best friend Raen as presented itself to me. This summer, we will begin a journey west. 2 gals, 1 car, infinite possibilities.




We spent last Saturday dreaming up our intentions for the adventure, our visions combining and resonating with each other. We haven’t travelled a long distance with each other… the farthest we’ve been together is New York. When I think about that compared to the journeys I’ve taken with other friends, it baffles, frustrates, and excites me. Raen is my soul sister. Same birthday, very similar dreams for the future, she’s my person! This is going to be a hellllluva journey together.


Although we both have driven around the country, we haven’t done it very long with another person. When I reminisce on my first road trip, almost 4 years ago now, I relive the experiences that opened my eyes to the beauty and potential of this country we were raised in. The states can easily be looked at like the bane of Earth’s existence, but in a different light, they contain some of the richest nature and culture on the planet. We feel blessed to have vehicles and roads upon which we can [relatively] safely voyage and experience a breadth of life with. We feel blessed to have adopted a minimalist lifestyle, which makes travelling a lot easier. I feel blessed to be able to share my thoughts and my journeys with all of you. I’m excited to see what words I come up with this summer. I’m also stoked to see what kinds of wildlife I [almost] run into this time around. Believe it or not, this was my first sight after entering Yellowstone back in 2015.


As for the road trip, we’re still in dream mode. We know we want to document a lot of it, via a YouTube channel, Instagram, and Feminine Boutique. We know we want to be really active, combatting our falling asleep butts and stiff backs with lots of yoga, hiking, and exploration of the paths less travelled. We want to share our knowledge and gifts of yoga, meditation, reiki, and health coaching. We want to dive deep into our spirituality and rediscover our Truths, over and over. We want to feel community in each place we go [where there’s a decent population, haha], holding meditation circles, yoga classes on the beach or in parks, and reiki healing treatments in nature. We want to go to places we haven’t gone to or explored deeply yet. Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, California, Oregon, Tennessee, North Dakota, Canada, maybe even Mexico! We’ll visit family and friends… and meet new family and friends.


The time of the year where I don’t want to travel is always very short. Part of me wishes I had a built-out van to do this road trip in… but I have to accept that this isn’t my time to be traveling in a van. Summer is still months away so I never know what could fall into my lap, but I’m still content with traveling in a car. I must feel gratitude for how my life is right now. We all must. Yes our life is what we make it, so we must set and speak out intentions with love and hope. The Universe is always listening and it doesn’t have a sense of humor. If you joke about never being able to travel or drive across the country, it will hear you as saying you will never do that.


This photo was taken by a wonderful man named Dan whom I met while traveling in Wyoming. He lives in California and when we both got back to Cali, he took me to Yosemite and San Francisco, showing me around and teaching me about the draught and history of the area. You never know who you’ll meet on these journeys.

Here are some intentions and goals I have for the next few months before the trip:

I will keep learning reiki and become a Reiki Master.

I will keep developing my website, get help, and have it beautifully functioning by springtime.

I will acquire clients as a holistic health coach and begin facilitating 6-month programs.

I will graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I will feel abundant and secure in my finances.

I will give reiki to lots and lots of people. 

I will finetune my wardrobe to reflect my personality and creativity.

I will create more art and attempt to sell it to fund my adventures.

I will visit the farmer’s market every weekend that I can.

I will continue to work on my mental health and my physical health. I want to be in the best shape of my life by the trip 🙂


I invite you to set aside some time today or tonight to write down some intentions you have for the next few days, weeks, or months. Say them outloud to yourself, a friend,  a family member or even a stranger! Sometimes strangers make the best listeners hahahaha. Seriously though this can really change how you look at and feel about your future. Stay positive and grateful for where you are now, for if you don’t, how could you ever make your life a dream?

Love and light to you all.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om. Namaste.


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  1. texaslawstudent June 12, 2019 — 5:41 pm

    Super cool! 🙂

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