How to Embrace the Set Mode of the Season

Written by Lauren


Have you ever experienced a lull in the middle of one of the four seasons?  If you are currently residing at the Western hemisphere, it is the heart of winter, and it is easy to fall susceptible to hibernation mode or a tint of seasonal depression, similar to myself.  Let’s be real, with the state of the world it is easy to get stuck in the mud within these dark times without seeing the bigger picture, no matter what hemisphere you are located at. So how does one combat these emotions and embrace where we are at in time?  First, mindfully accept it, face some fears and choose to respond by moving forward in a state of grace that can potentially bring more opportunity with non-judgment. Choose to immerse with what your surroundings have to offer, or choose to create experiences on your radar with something to look forward to and embrace, and take action!

Personally, growing up in New England, this time of year can be capricious when it comes to climate and weather, add global climate change effects, one day it’s sub-zero chills and a few days later it feels like spring.  The constant inconsistency can be quite confusing at times, blurring the lines of what is truly there. Personally, I have chosen a few tactics in order to keep moving and motivated;

  1. Save The Date

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.06.26 AM


By marking a calendar or planner with future trips, local seminars, volunteer events. By taking selfless action to do something for yourself can stimulate a tint of positive feelings and optimism for something to look forward to, and maybe even live for!  For example, to go to a local seasonal play, see if there are any relevant speakers at a local University that relates to your field of work or interest, attend a farmers market or writers workshop.

Make a personal health appointment, treat yourself and get your hair or nails done if you have money saved to invest in your well being and self.   February is a large month of events coming up from holidays to birthdays, my coworkers and I decided to celebrate the middle of the season by going to a salt room yoga class! The Following months I decided to “Carpe Diem” it, and it’s now or never for me to check some boxes off my bucket list. Staying with friends in high places like Arizona or the Rocky Mountains in Colorado is something that has been on my radar that I am looking forward to spicing up my life!

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.06.39 AM
Lala’s personal planner for March 2019 

You don’t need to place your time and money on things that don’t fit your schedule or budget, ball on a budget instead and add some spice to your soup!
2. Embrace seasonal food options.

Chef up some meals and home with some of your favorite options.  If it is winter in your hemisphere, whip up some seasonal heating options with spices to warm your soul and belly with some veggies to keep your immune system up.  One can have a smoothie during any season, try a local smoothie or juicery to cool off to keep the antioxidants going. Keeping your body on a stimulus and healthy helps your overall health operate clearly.  Explore local restaurants!

  1. Focus on health and Internal Growth

Like the trees without leaves, their roots are alive and restoring for the spring, humans are doing the same!  One of my favorite author Essie Spencer relevantly speaking to the winter wrote, “We often avoid the dark because it is uncomfortable and unknown, yet it is in the darkness that we can start to uncover our hidden riches.”  Be aware of exactly where you are at on your life journey, be honest and shine the light of awareness to what you may need in order to move forward. Now may be the time to adjust your path or tweak some habitual behavior or thought patterns that no longer serve you and your best potential self.  Like Drake said, “I know you like to work all winter, shine all summer” (Scorpio Album Reference, I am a shameless longtime fan). It takes, honesty, patience, acceptance, and compassion to move through the seasons and fully embrace and rejoice through it all. Focus on one thing at a time to flourish through the seasons of life.  Like the lotus flower that grows from mud, you can get up and out and bloom too.


Thank you for reading!


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