My 4 Favorite Travel Vloggers

I’ve followed a few special travelers on YouTube for the past few years, getting to know their values and personalities while watching them grow as humans and as creators. I’d love to share my favorites with you all. I encourage you to give their videos a look because you never know how much you’ll learn, resonate with, or be entertained by. They’re all super inspirational to me and have helped shape me as a traveler.


1. Sailing La Vagabonde

This is one of the newer vlog channels I have discovered and my current favorite. These vloggers are Elayna and Riley, two young, self-taught Australian sailors who met in Europe, became attached and began sailing around the world together. Their journey started a couple of years ago and is a wild one! The quality of their vlogs dramatically increases and contains lots of underwater footage, drone footage, sailing tips, and adventures in the some of the most remote islands in the world. They meet tons of new people along their journey and even bring aboard some of their patrons.

2. Eamon & Bec

Eamon & Bec are two spunky Toronto-based vanlifers, who own a chai company have travel all over North America in their Mercedes Sprinter van. In love with adventure, tasty vegan food, and creating fun content, these guys have been really fun to follow. Very detailed van build how-to’s can be found on their channel, which are great for anyone looking to build out their own van to live in. They also have a podcast called Reroot with Eamon & Bec which I enjoy. They’ve even befriended some other Youtuber/vandwellers that I love (The Matneys & Max & Lee) and meet up with them quite a bit, travel together, collaborate, etc…

3. The Matneys

A young, fun, vegan couple of minimalists, Christian and Aubrey Matney also live in a Sprinter van and travel around North America [with their new pup!]. Based in Texas, they love to share their lives and be truly authentic to themselves. They’re just all around an entertaining couple who I resonate with in many ways.

4. Max & Lee [+ their dog Occy]

Max & Lee met and were inspired by Christian, Aubrey, Eamon, & Bec [while on a group road trip throughout Mexico] to make a YouTube channel to document their adventures. They soon became very popular and create a lot of beautiful content of their vanlife travels throughout Central and South America.

What I love about these vloggers is that they are very much genuinely themselves on camera. They show their struggles [whether it be major van troubles/disadvantages, or trouble at sea], their emotions, and their honest opinions and thoughts. They are humble yet love to inspire others to dream big and take risks.

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