Manifesting Your Best Life Through The Stars


*Written by Lauren*

There is a reason that Earth is also referred to as “Mother Nature”. Women feel the energies of climate, weather, and planetary changes on a hypersensitive, deep, innate level, which may even be driven by the rocks in the sky! For my first post, I’m going to share with you all my personalized fun guide of considering how the vibratory energetic shifts of people’s behavior can be explained by movements in the sky. These shifts contextually play out on a daily basis at certain locations of the world, at specific times of the year, and can be explained by specifically through following tropical astrology and the phases of the moon.

*Disclaimer: I am aware that astrological claims may be completely false, and seemingly esoteric, outdated, and are not necessarily scientifically verified…but if you rewind back to the beginning of humans cultivating consciousness of their separate biophysical existence from other species, people had nowhere else to look except for the shimmering skies above.*   

Astrology is a medium to personalize my point in time and what motivates me based off of my birth chart (which includes time, year, location of where you are born and it maps out the sky of planets and their zodiac signs according to your birthday)  It reminds me of a whole other level of a bigger picture. As an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Libra ascendant rising sign, I typically mindfully intertwine astrology in my life when it is beneficial and applicable to the circumstance…not judging myself or others based off of planetary alignments in order to positively add to my situation.  Evermore, if the moon has the magnetic gravitational power to control the tides, why not acknowledge its magical influence over our lives?

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 10.46.51 am

Recently, a dear spiritual friend of mine lent me a book by Ezzie Spencer called, “Lunar Abundance; cultivating joy, peace, and purpose, using the phases of the moon”.  A couple moon cycles later and I can confirm that I feel more in tune and amicable as ever! It has helped me tune in to myself while aligning my inner cycles, to a line with the moon and life.  The moon intertwines with emotion. This book has taught me to acknowledge the Yin phases (which is typically more feminine, restorative, receiving, energy) and Yang (which is active, masculine, giving).

 It is a reference point to how my own life is playing out, how my energy shifts with the 8 moon cycles; new moon, crescent moon, first quarter moon, gibbous moon, full moon, disseminating moon, third quarter moon, balsamic moon, repeat… during the approximate 30 day build up and diminishing of the moons light on the bright side of the moon facing our planet.

This idea of using the sky to guide and track our lives is not a new idea. In fact, early humans kept track of time and overlapping commonalities within seasonal changes, by drawing maps of the skies. According to the tropical astrological system, there are 12 houses of a zodiac signs, with each sign measured 30 degrees to the hour,  and each of the planets coordinates altering from the sign, according to the elements of air, earth, water or fire signs, and are still applicable to today’s four seasons, even though the planet’s and Earth’s axis shifts.

Also, based on astronomical and astrological solidarity, these maps of the sky provided early humans in the Before Common Era (BCE) information for factors like the weather, which would determine agricultural shifts in farming, hunting, and gathering, during certain seasons. Noted maps determined which time of year, based on star Goddesses or Gods were best to give and receive seeds of movement and food.  The repetitive circumstances of human history can reference to planetary alignments and orbits around the sun, our main star, in the Milky Way System.

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Evolution has brought us further in the past few centuries to defy seemingly physical odds to discover how our planet has the feminine energy of the moon orbiting around her.  Fast forward a few eons (Common Era), even US President Ronald Reagan used astrology while making political decisions The White House. Personally, my perspective is that when I am feeling low because of minuscule egocentric human issues (not to dismiss valid hardships) and need a pick me up, I remind myself that I am merely a speck in space and time. I also remind myself that I am guided by a Source that may be higher than my seemingly lifesize human issues, and this helps to remind me of a grand perspective of my values and place.  

While entering 2019, the new moon on January 5th is in Earth Sign Capricorn, and also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse, meaning the sun, moon, and Earth are at the exact same spot in the sky, casting a shadow on the moon…which will also lead to a solar eclipse later this month, enabling more power to the new moon mantra.  This is a perfect time of year to direct inward, accept where you are at in life, adjust what serves and what does not in order to move forward into the new year and moon phase. I chose to focus on the mantra of “trust”, trusting myself in this journey, letting go of unsupportive worrisome thoughts or circumstances that do not contribute to my highest potential self.  

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 10.46.15 am

During the winter, which is feminine Yin energy in the Eastern world, this is a time to face our shadows.  A time to let go of what no longer serves us during this digital age of Aquarius, and how to move forward with compassion towards ourselves, with emotional self-awareness, humanity, and planetary consideration. You can mindfully direct inward regardless of the phase of the moon or zodiac time frame, this is just a helpful intuitive tool that can be utilized with nature!  While setting goals in the future, take a look up above at the stars for guidance as a checking point in our eternally orbiting moving lives to ground ourselves back to Earth.


Thanks for reading!


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