Cry-Proof Eyeliner?

Hi everyone!

It’s me, Sophie, and I am BACK! First off, time for some quick life updates:

  1. I graduated!!!
  2. I am now living in Boston and working full-time
  3. I spent 2 months travelling in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia

Ok, now that we’ve gotten this out of the way let’s move onto what this post is actually about- a cry proof eyeliner.

This story all began when I impulse bought a blue-green Smashbox Always On Gel Liner Eyeliner at TJ Maxx (which by the way has had awesome makeup lately). This past weekend I decided to try it out by smudging it along my lower lash line for a fun pop of color.

Then, I had a meltdown while en-route to visiting an apartment because I had been searching for 4 weeks and felt like I’d never find somewhere to live (plot twist, I’m going to be living in that apartment come September!). Stressed about looking totally insane by the time I’d get to the apartment, I pulled down the visor in my car and looked into the mirror of truth and it. did. not. budge.

I’m truly in awe of this eyeliner, I have enough difficulty getting eyeliners to stay on under normal conditions much less such strenuous wear.

But the test did not end there! My mom and I then went to see the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me and I proceeded to cry-laughing basically the entire 2 hour movie. As an aside, please go see this movie it was truly hilarious.

Got back to the car and once again checked the mirror of truth and it still had not budged.

I am truly still amazed by how well this eyeliner stayed on, even through my intensive wear test. So all this is to say, if you plan on crying but also want to be wearing eyeliner this is definitely the one to get! Or maybe, you just want a long lasting eyeliner, I don’t know.

Because I am a bad blogger I forgot to take before and after pictures, but my mom can testify it had unreal staying power. Instead, enjoy these swatches.

Note: Unfortunately the only color now sold is black, so you can’t get this delightful color. However, the staying power is amazing! For fun colors check out the Always Sharp Eyeliners by Smashbox, but I can’t confirm if they last through crying.

1 thought on “Cry-Proof Eyeliner?

  1. I can corroborate Sophie’s story: the eyeliner was amazing under duress! Mom ❤


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