January Book Recommendation!



Hey, everyone!!

I can’t believe January is almost half over already! I’ve been keeping up with my star system to help with my New Years resolutions, and so far I’ve improved quite a bit. This week I want to return to a book review!
One of my New Years resolutions is to read at least one book for pleasure a week in addition to my school work. For the first week of January, I finished Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” I love sci fi and fantasy, and this classic monster tale has been on my list for a while. I absolutely loved it. It’s written as a collection of letters and journal entries from a myriad of interconnected characters, all brilliantly laid out to achieve a cohesive narrative. This structure often lends itself to plot holes or inconsistencies in terms of the speed of the narrative, but “Dracula” remained intriguing and consistent from start to finish. The story itself is full of lore that has inspired countless films, television shows, and spinoffs that are recognizable to any background. The journal entry style writing gave the reader a more personal role in the narrative rather than just one of an outsider; we are able to understand the characters as having developed and distinct voices not only in dialogue but in their writing as well. I would highly recommend “Dracula” as a long and rewarding read for a rainy afternoon or long weekend, but perhaps not a bedtime read if you’re afraid of the dark.
Comment below if you have any New Years resolutions or book recommendations!! Questions are always welcome!

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