Time is a Social Construct

Yes, ‘Time is a social construct’, but…
It’s the beginning of the year. We’re 2 weeks in. It’s still a time of beginnings and excitement and enthusiasm. But there’s always THAT ONE GUY who reminds us that “time is a social construct.” Yes, it is. And of course Capitalism takes advantage of it. And of course our procrastinate-y minds take advantage of it. But it can be taken positively. This statement is often used to discourage people from being excited about a fresh start. But I think we can befriend this idea, perhaps our wonderful little souls can also take advantage of it.
Resolve to start something on a completely random day
Let’s go in line with the idea that time means nothing. In that case, we learn that there isn’t a magical day where we’re supposed to start things. Other days are valid, too. This “magical day” ideal is a result of perfectionism- the notion that we have to have the ‘perfect day’ or ‘perfect week’ in order to count our efforts. Let’s ditch that perfectionism shit. The cool thing is that we get to have a new beginning on like a Thursday. Who doesn’t love new beginnings? Bitches love new beginnings.  
Celebrate your intentional or unintentional resolution-following
I have in mind some of my resolutions. I have (and this is very unlike me), not sat down and written them. I know, it’s tragic. Do I even know who I am anymore? If you’re like me and things are only real when you write them down, I’m sure you can understand my identity crisis. Anyway, there are some things I know I want to do better. And when I see myself making sure I get my 2 liters of water in, I go “Hey! Look at you! You’re doing it!” and it’s a wonderful feeling.
If you practice the habit of congratulating yourself for small wins, ‘messing up’ won’t be as bad as before. And starting over will be a simple shrug of the shoulder on your self-esteem.
Remember you owe no-one an update or explanation
Your resolutions are your own. You’re not obliged to let anyone know what you’re working on. I find that telling people some of my goals makes me feel accountable to them rather than myself and that my motivation then becomes proving something to them. Holding only yourself accountable allows you to start and restart as many times as you need to, on as many Wednesdays or Thursdays as you want to re-start, without explaining to anyone why you’re restarting on Wednesday or Thursday—ya feel?
If time is a social construct, we get to decide which days/times are important, and which are not.  This means that, at least for our personal goals, we get to make the rules. With giving ourselves the freedom to start anything on any day, we open ourselves up to being more kind to ourselves, being more patient with ourselves. And when we’re nicer to ourselves, that’s when we flourish the most. So, remember: time is a social construct. Make your own rules.

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