Update & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!


As promised, I’ll update y’all on my December self-care challenge that I introduced in my last post: being at home on break has actually made it easier to complete my daily tasks, but I’m a lot less motivated to work out since it takes more effort to get to the gym at home than it does at school. I’m still really bad about drinking enough water every day. I think that the star calendar is really helping encourage me and I’ve noticed some improvement since finals week. I’ve been a lot more consistent and that’s definitely improved my mood and helps me to go to sleep each night feeling accomplished.

Unless people are super interested in hearing about my textbooks from last semester, I haven’t finished any recommendable books lately as I’ve been super busy studying. My next post will definitely include some good titles, I promise!


To round out the second part of my December challenge self-care series, I’ll leave you with a tip to help de-stress your holidays. Lay down with your butt up against a wall with your legs straight up. Put your arms where they are comfortable, and either close your eyes or wear a sleeping mask. Practice your favorite breathing exercise, follow a guided meditation, or just take a quiet moment of reflection. Stay like this for about 5 minutes, before standing up slowly and stretching your muscles. Laying with your body in this position changes your circulation and leaves you and your body feeling refreshed and clear headed.

Happy New Year!



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