Easy Holiday Look

Today was my last day of classes this semester. So, naturally, that meant it was completely appropriate to whip out a Christmas sweater and a holiday makeup look! I wanted to share because this is a relatively easy look but still has a fun pop of glitter and the classic red lips (holiday sweater optional, but encouraged).

Peep the Santa Clause hat in my sweater

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I love the Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter Eye Shadow because of how easy they are to apply. This morning, when I was trying to figure out what to do with my makeup I peeped my glorious little bottle of glitter and knew what I was going to do. For this look, I created a normal winged eyeliner and then put glitter over it. The only difficult part of this look is the winged eyeliner but I believe I have a good trick to make it easier. In addition, you just put glitter over it anyways so it really does not have to be perfect.

Ok so if you’re new to winged eyeliner and a little bit nervous about it, make sure to start with that part of the look. I first apply concealer to my eyelids and then follow up with powder so I won’t have any problems with the winged eyeliner. If your eyelids are not discolored, feel free to skip this step and go straight to eyeliner (that will be easier). Next, I take a small angled brush (today I used a Zoeva one) and then grab a grey or dark brown eye shadow. Then, I place it on the outside corner of my eye going in the direction of my eyebrows (see below). This creates a base line for me to follow when doing my eyeliner and also allows me to make sure they are even on both sides. Eye shadow is much easier to wipe off than eyeliner so do this as many times as you need to. Then, with an eyeliner (I prefer liquid) trace that line, then from the outside edge drag it into your lashline, about 1/4 of the way down (see below). Then fill that in and line the rest of your eye. If you mess up just wet a Q-tip and remove it, no stress!

Next, I put some of the Stila Glitter onto the back of my hand and dipped an angled liner brush into it (I use an ELF one). Then, I go over the eyeliner I just created to created a glittery winged eyeliner. This doesn’t really have to be perfect as it isn’t opaque, just do your best to go over the liner.

And voila! The hardest part is done. Just complete the rest of your face and add a red lip and you’re ready to rock.


Here’s the makeup I used:


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