Colourpop Pressed Shadows

If you follow beauty “news” then you’d know that Colourpop recently came to Sephora. However, I’m guessing most people don’t follow beauty news, so that’s what I’m here for! Colourpop, up until a few days ago, was an affordable, online-only brand. They produce their products in the US and are able to turn around new products very quickly so they are generally on top of trends. Originally, Colourpop eyeshadows were in their Super Shock Shadow formula which is sort of like a cream eyeshadow. In my opinion, it’s an OK formula and works well for shimmery eyelid shades but otherwise, they were pretty underwhelming to me.

That being said, Colourpop released pressed powder eyeshadows this year. I prefer powder eyeshadows so when I was looking for a few shades to fill in some holes in my collection I decided to place an order on Colourpop. I bought seven single eyeshadows which are only $4 a pop if you get them without a case (I put them into a magnetic palette) which is a very good price for single shadows. I’d heard good things from the online beauty community so I was excited to try them out.

I bought the following shades:

Here are the shades with finger (bottom) and brush swatches (top):

edited 4
From top to bottom: Tea Garden, Glass Bull, Paper Tiger, Checkmate, Ready or Yacht, Cut-Outs, and Lucky You (too close to my skin tone to be seen)

I was pleasantly surprised by these eyeshadows. They’re pigmented and easy to blend. The mattes were extremely easy to work with, I did not find issues with patchiness or blending. The duochrome and metallic shades were also surprisingly good quality. Glass Bull and Ready of Yacht were able to be sheered out of applied full strength. Tea Garden, however, was extremely pigmented right out the gate. I have slightly hooded eyes so I find that glittery shadows can travel into my crease, which does happen with these shadows but it was nothing too bad or out of the ordinary.

As for how the shadows feel, I would say they are somewhat soft. When you put a brush into them there will be some powder that is kicked up. To prevent the eyeshadow from falling onto your face I would recommend just tapping off the brush before applying.

Overall, I feel I was able to create some interesting eye looks with these eyeshadows that lasted well throughout the day. I would recommend the Colourpop single pressed eyeshadows for pretty much anyone, but in particular I would recommend it for people looking to fill specific holes in their collection.

Here are some of the looks I created using these shadows (in addition to a few others I already had in my collection).


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