Halloween Themed Movies

Hello ladies,

Halloween is just around the corner and being a movie addict, I can’t stop digging through my movie collection to pick out some of my favorites. Here are some horror movies recommendations for those souls that can’t get away from this genre.

Please be cautious that this is my favorite list. My list! You are more than welcome to give some comments or recommend more movies. Just don’t ruin the fun by telling me off for not including your favorite. Not everyone grew up the same way, right?

These movies below are the one that I genuinely enjoy watching. I can watch these over and over again without getting bored. Some of the movies are all-time favorite classic – Duh, who wouldn’t know Nightmare before Christmas, right? If you haven’t seen any of these movies, you should try it out. I’m not into the blood splat or torture so you won’t find what you want on this list. You’ve been warned!

I will start with some classic PG-13 first.


The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

This is a true classic, you must have at least heard of this movie before. This movie is about a bored pumpkin king (aka Jack) who is jealous of the warm Christmas. The story follows Jack’s adventure where he tries to steal the spotlight from Santa Claus and makes Christmas his. Did he succeed? I don’t know… You should find out. Besides a good storyline, this animation has great visual and the famous Tim Burton won’t disappoint you.


corpse bride

Corpse Bride (2005)

Anyone who wants a bit of romance that mixes with a bit of fantasy and humor will love this one. It is a touching story of a young and shy groom who got married to a dead woman by accident while he practices his wedding vow. Tim Burton directed this animation himself and you will likely leave the movie with laughter and some lessons to learn. For example: have you heard of women are very scary when love you so much?




Casper (1995)

Another cute little story of a young Romeo, aka Casper, and Juliet, aka Kat. You much have heard or watched it once, right? Come one. This was my childhood. Where would you find a pure and innocent love story like this nowadays?  Casper is just the cutest ghost in this movie. And the last scene is just adorable! Other than the main actor and actress, the supporting characters are just as good as the main. I’m sure you will have a good laugh out of this movie and enjoy it as much as I do.



My PG-13 list is over. It’s time for my R rated collection to shine!

matthewgriffin_shiningb700The Shining (1980)

The movie is based on Stephen King’s novel about a writer and his family who has become a caretaker for a hotel in the winter time. The hotel was closed and Jack (the writer) hopes to find inspiration to write his new book in this hotel. Soon, the family starts to see abnormal incidents that drive Jack crazy. I like this movie because of how creepy it is. This is a classic that has inspired many generations of movies these days. It is not over the top, but I still find it scarier than a movie like Saw (I feel like this one is just disturbing.) The actors in the movie portrayed their characters so well that I wonder if it was their true personality.


Carrie (1976)


This movie is honestly pure horror. Not in the sense of crazy horror, but more like supernatural horror. It is also an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel (I know I’m obsessed, I really can’t help it.) Carrie is a shy teenager who possessed telekinesis that she is not aware of. Because of her naivety and shyness, her classmates often make fun of her. Under the protection of a teacher, Carrie becomes the target of the teenage girls’ frank and disaster explodes. The storyline is very simple, but the selling point is the acting and how each scene is carried out. There is something about Carrie that not only innocent but also wicked and unforgettable. The story is not so scary but the symbolic of cruel teenagers is.

halloweenHalloween (1978)

It is definitely not Halloween theme if this movie is not on the list. For some reason, this movie just becomes a classic to show on every Halloween Eve. Moreover, Michael Myers is one of the famous icons in horror genre. A lot of people still dress up as Michael Myers for Halloween and this is a fact. You can’t deny that, can you? This movie is about a six-year-old who murdered his sister just to be locked up for 15 years and came back to terrorize his hometown again. Again, simple story but it is a psychological torture. This movie does not need special CGI and it still able to imprint the horror into people’s minds. Honestly, it is so intense that I still get the chill every time I watch it. The movie was so successful that they made a lot of version off of it. Give it a quick peek, you’ll get hooked!

I know I only listed older movies in this list but I don’t think I can do any better than this. I’m an old soul and I like most original version than the remake movies or new movies these days. I mean, these movies did very well despite the limited CGI, publicity, resources, etc. You name it. If the filming industry condition back in the day was as good as today, how far do you think they can go?

These are just my own opinion. Care to share yours? I always welcome new ideas.

Giving you best regard until my next post!

Happy Thursday 🙂


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