Shaking Things Up

A few weeks ago my mom borrowed one of my mascaras and was absolutely wowed by how good it looked. To be honest, it was a mascara sample I didn’t even like so I can’t even remember what it was called. My mom has been wearing the same mascara for probably the past two decades and has always insisted it’s a great mascara. We can get so stuck in our routines we don’t even really know what is “good” anymore (specifically talking about makeup but this applies to real life ūüėČ ).

That conversation got me thinking, I’m the type of person who absolutely loves makeup and trying new makeup so I am constantly trying different makeup. Does this mean I have way too much makeup? Yeah, absolutely, but I am able to have perspective on how I¬†feel about each makeup¬†item.



Next time you’re going back to the store to buy your favorite makeup item, I challenge you to try something new, you might be surprised what you discover. Beyond that, I also challenge you to try new things with makeup. We often get sucked up in using makeup just to make ourselves look better, but it’s an art too. The other day, I was inspired by a look by Allana Davison that had a neutral eye but with a bright blue on the inner corner. How cool and unique! I tried it out and really liked the results.

One of the reasons I enjoy following beauty influencers on YouTube and Instagram is to be inspired by new techniques, color combinations, or looks.

This post is a lot simpler than many of mine, but sometimes it is important to have a reminder to step outside of your comfort zone, because that is how you will grow.

Looking for a recommendation on the next new product to try? Here are my favorites by category:

Check out my favorite beauty influencers here.

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