Movie pick for the week: IT (2017)


Yes Yes Yes!!! You see it right. The legend is back and better than ever. For everyone who interacts with social media on a daily basis, you really can’t miss the trailer and ads for this movie. I mean… Come on. Who could forget this scary clown face once you saw it? And as far as I know, marketing for movies nowadays is always the “in your face” type where you can’t even avoid it. But enough about that, let’s talk movie!

I’m a fan of the original production of 1990 since I love watching scary or horror genre stuff so when I saw the trailer, I couldn’t contain the excitement. Besides the fact that you will be scared and may scream in horror, IT (2017) is more than just a horror movie made to frighten little scaredy-cats – my little cousin literally couldn’t even sit through it without a full-blown music on her headphone when the intense parts came up. I know I’m a bad cousin, but to my defense, I just want her to enjoy a good movie and there were 6 of us to support her. Sooooo… she’s safe! Fun fact, she really enjoyed the movie as a whole – definitely didn’t appreciate the scary parts though. But we’re not here to judge me so back to the movie.

As I mentioned earlier, horror factor is just another element that contributes to the success of the movie. I really like how the storytelling is led through the childrens point of view and how the characters were introduced very cleanly. Each character got his or her moment to briefly explain the background and who he or she is. The impact of those moments is very strong as you sort of get it right away. You don’t even have to think twice about it to understand the surface message and the underlying message of the scenes. The scenes are executed nicely without any waste moments to pique the audience interest and then the explanations just perfectly roll out at the right point.

Stephen King's It Trailer screen grab

For the relatable factor, the emotion can be shared in every generation while watching this movie. I’m in my 20s, my cousins are teenagers and a lot of the audience in the theater looks like they’re in their teens, 20s, and maybe even up to 40s. Despite all the age difference, we all laughed, excited, scared, and looking forward to the next scene. The losers club friendship is not only endearing but also very engaging. The scene where they play with each other innocently, the coming of age and the fights among friends speak nostalgia to me. Sometimes, all you need is your friends at that age, the friends that willing to be there for you and believe in you no matter what. Even though they are the outcasts of the school, there’s this quirk in them that I find it hard to not want to hang out with them. I find them cool, to be honest. The society seeing them wrong but they are the heroes to me.

The dialogue of this group is very funny. The conversation is always short but meaningful and full of charm. I love how this kid, Richie – played by Finn Wolfhard, keeps making hilarious remarks at any chance he has without reserved. It cracked me up the entire movie and he was the shining light of my experience. All the other characters are also very unique and you really need to watch the movie to see who your favorite is.

And we can’t bypass the scary factor when we talk about IT, can we? Who can remember this jump scared scene from the movie? Do you know which part is it? You might have seen it in other trailers where Pennywise first encounters the whole losers club all at once.

losers club

I remember the whole audience screamed at this part; not me of course since I have experienced a fair share of horror movies or TV series and at this point, it really can’t get me scared that easy my friend. Therefore, if you’re looking for extreme horror factor, this is not the “IT” for you. However, I still strongly recommend this well-made masterpiece of this summer. You will have nothing but an enjoyable time. The experience can be considered similar to a rollercoaster ride where your emotion is being played with when you least expected, as I said, rollercoaster! Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

Another scary part is how did this

Bill Skarsgard

turn into this???


If you have ever seen the memes where people voluntarily go to the water drain after seeing the actual actor’s picture, you will understand.

I mean…… the makeup and costume work is miraculous but the acting though, it is insanely good! The actor, who played Pennywise, Bill Skarsgard, has created a refreshing personality that not too far from the original but still very new, mysterious, and strange. The way he moves his face, his gestures, facial expression, movements and even the look in his eyes are filled with creepy excitement, not too much of malice, and clown-like. He really did his homework thoroughly before coming to set. The children’s acting are also very good. Child actors are so professional nowadays and at some points, I can’t believe a child can show just authentic acting. OK, I’m not an actor or a movie critic but I know from an audience point of view, they really resonate with me. So mind you, movie snobs, I still think these kids are very skilled with their crafts and I enjoyed every moment they displayed on screen.

Overall, this is a very good weekend movie when you just want to end your stressful week with something unexpected, scary, yet funny at the same time. The movie will leave you wanting more and you will surely enjoy “IT” just as much as I did. I hope I didn’t leave too much spoiler on this post and I magically motivate you to watch the movie if you haven’t watched it yet. Friday is coming soon so why don’t you give it a try sometimes this weekend? I’m sure you’ll like it.

Have a wonderful rest of the day and I’ll see you again in my next post.


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