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Hello, everyone!
September is nearing its end and right now school is keeping me incredibly busy. I’ve Attachments+US+Hardcover+hiresbeen reading everything from soil profiles to catalog raisonneés for my classes, and I’ve still managed to find time to squeeze in a little bit of reading time just for myself.
Today I want to tell y’all about one of my favorite books that I have read and reread several times. The book is called Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell. It is a story written largely in emails sent back and forth between two best friends in an office, intermixed with chapters detailing the life of the office building’s IT guy. It is clever, lighthearted, and witty, with characters who are relatable and charming. The story has enough weight to be compelling and emotional without exhausting the reader, making it the ultimate page-turner.
I want to thank you all for reading, and I encourage you to comment any of your own reading recommendations!! I’d love to check them out, I might even feature them in my future posts!
Much love,

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