Today let’s talk about something extra fun: GLITTER

glitterandglowBack in August I made a somewhat impulse purchase of the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow which is basically just a glitter you can apply without also applying glitter glue. I got the one in Diamond Dust because its a silver color with multi-color reflects so I thought it would be the most versatile glitter for me.

This impulse purchase was inspired by my realization that I could never find a shimmery eye shadow shade that was truly bright enough. I have somewhat wrinkly eyelids and I often found shimmery eye shadows or those with a sheen just emphasized that without adding the brightness I desire.

Now, enter this glitter and my problems are solved. I love this product for a couple of reasons. First of all it adds intense shine without emphasizing my wrinkly eye lids. Second, it’s all the fun of loose glitter without the mess. And last of all, I just think it’s an awesome product that lasts really well. I have hooded eyes (meaning some of my eyelid can’t be seen when my eyes are open) and the glitter does a pretty good job of not going everywhere.

One of my favorite uses for the glitter has been to add a pop to the inner third of my eyelid and keeping everything else super simple, sometimes with a winged eyeliner on the outside. My other favorite look has been to use the glitter in the center of a halo eye (see my post about halo eyes). I don’t think this product is for everyone, but for people looking to add a fun twist to their looks I think these liquid glitters are a great place to start.

Check out some of the looks I’ve created below:








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