Update w/ Marta & Shaun

Hey guys! As most of you know by now, our fabulous Marta and her equally awesome husband, Shaun traveled with the Peace Corps to Timor Leste. Below is an update of how things are going so far! Be sure to check out their blog here.


Hello all!

We are finally posting an update from out here in Timor-Leste (sorry for the wait!). Life has been pretty crazy with pre-departure orientation, in country orientation, and then moving in with our host family for Pre-Service Training (PST)!


We really lucked in terms of our location of PST–we are up in Railaco, a town in a mountainous region of the island. Its nice and cool in the early morning and late evening, which is a nice reprieve from the heat during the day.


We also absolutely love our host family!! We live with a mom and dad, and their three children, all younger than 8 years old. They welcomed us 100% into their lives the second we got here. Im fact, within two hours of moving in, we were attending the engagement party across the street! Everyone here is treated like family, even us Malae (their title for foreigners).



Even last weekend, we were invited to go to help some extended family of ours build a new house. That was one heck of an adventure, including a two hour hike up into the mountains. and into the next district over. Marta watched the women butcher a pig in the kitchen, and Shaun helped set the foundation of a house.



First impressions of our new home? The people are more kind and generous than you could know, the place is beautiful and covered in every sort of fruit imaginable, and we feel right where we are supposed to be.

Officially been married one month, and yes, marriage is quite an adventure 😉

Marta + Shaun

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