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Hello ladies,

I bet many of us have the same habit of looking at our wardrobe, full of clothes, and thinking “OMG, what am I gonna wear today?” or “I have nothing to wear!” It doesn’t matter if we’re trying to be fashionable or not, choosing clothes every morning can be a difficult project sometimes.

No joke. I used to scream those statements at least 6 out of 7 days of the week before I tried to simplify everything in my life, but that’s another story for another occasion. Today, I want to share my affordable fashion tips with you where you can invest in clothes that not only on trend but also last longer. These tips below are what I learned throughout the year and it works best for me at least. It is very simple and I will bring out some key items as an example.

As mentioned above, your wardrobe might be full of clothes with different shapes and styles but it doesn’t mean that it would be easier for you to choose “the one” outfit you want in the morning. That’s why I’m here. After many years of playing dress-up, I have concluded the 3 tips that will work with just anybody.

  • Your Style.

You need to define your own style before buying clothes. Don’t follow just any trend because you might end up hating it later. Those puberty years really, I mean REALLY, taught me well. All the trends will come and go at any point. My high school year was filled with frilly skirts because it was “the thing” at the time. And it was bohemian styles in the first few year of college. Now you can’t even find any of those in my wardrobe.

After you discover your own style, you should think about what you do every day in order to incorporate your style into your daily clothes. For example, if you work a 9 to 5 office job that required business artier, which will need a different recommendation for another blog, you can’t play with your clothes with strict dress code. If it is a flexible job which you can wear business casual or casual, you can certainly have fun being fashionable at work.

The point is “You wear the fashion, fashion does NOT wear you.” Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to buy everything on trend. It has to suit you and your personality in order to let you shine and empower you. Wearing clothes that make you feel good is important because it helps with confidence and how you show your character to people around you.

  • Key items.

Keeping things simple is how I work my wardrobe. I try buying clothes and accessories only when I can match it with at least 3-4 different items. It keeps my spending within budget and avoids unnecessary purchase that might not be able to use later on.

There are 6 items I always have in my wardrobe. Even when I go on vacation, I always pack at least 4 out of 6 because it is very easy to match these items with everything else. These are classic styles that will not go out of season anytime soon.

White T-shirt: it is a must have item in my wardrobe. A white T-shirt is very flexible. You can dress it up or down at any time and it goes well with most bottoms or materials. You can wear it to work, night out, or a date.

white Tshirt
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Black jeans: Unless you hate wearing jeans, every woman should own at least one black jean that fits you well. You have a night out? Black jeans. Your dress code at work is business casual or casual – Black Jeans. You’re going on a picnic? Black jeans. It is a versatile item that allows you to have fun with any style you can think of.

black jean p
Credit: various Pinterests

Lace top: the same idea with black jean. A nice lace top can be layered with a cardigan or blazer on top and you can stride to work in style. When you have a date, a nice lace top can bring out the feminine side of you instantly.

lace top p
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Skirt: a skirt with the right length, simple design, and fit you well can go a long way. It can match with a t-shirt, blouse, shirt, or sweater. You can wear it for any occasion.

skirt p
Credit: various Pinterest

Little black dress: you can never go wrong with this! A simple little black dress can take you to work with a blazer on top or take you out on girls’ night or date night with your killer heels.

black dress p
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Blazer: this item is a bit of a pickle because not everyone likes to wear a blazer all the time, especially in the summer heat. I always have at least 2 blazers in my wardrobe, 1 black and 1 in any color available at the time. A blazer can be matched with any item above to work so it is great for work purpose.

  • Accessories.
accessories p
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My last tip for you ladies is accessories. Accessories change everything. Simple clothes on your body don’t make a complete outfit without accessories.  Accessories can be viewed as a problem because it might get in your way but you won’t regret investing into accessories. Your outfit can give off different vibe depending on how you choose the earring, necklaces, scarf, and more. Trust me, play with accessories first and you will see what I mean. There is a whole new world of accessories waiting for you to explore.


Those tips above have been my go-to all the times. I hope you can try it out and let me know if it works for you. Feel free to share your tips in the comment section. I’ll see you ladies again in the next blog.

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. I love how you explain how each item helps and include many images so the reader can get an idea of what your talking about. Also check out and follow if you like.

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