Movie pick of the week

Hello ladies!

As we are half way through the summer, I wanted to spice up my first blog post with a new movie that came out last week. My movie recommendation for you ladies is Girls Trip!


The storyline is simple and somewhat predictable. If you’re looking for a twist or something unpredictable, this is not something you should go for. To compensate for the simple storyline, the movie gives that sense of reality, great entertainment and it is relatable to almost anyone, but of course you have to be 18+ as the jokes can be a little steamy. As I was watching Girls Trip, there were many moments that scream “Oh my god, I know this feeling” or “I have a friend like this” or “I have experienced this before” in my head.

The story goes from 4 girl-friends decide to go on a trip together. Within this period, they have a chance to test their friendship, who they are, and their reality. Now, everyone has different experiences and my take on this movie might not be the same as yours. I still recommend Girls Trip because this R-rated comedy is what you need to entertain your weekend either with your girls or by yourself. Nothing can beat a good laugh, right? And who knows, you might want to take a trip with your best girl friends after watching this. For me, Girls Trip hits the nail on the head so let’s go find out why.


Girls Trip is absolutely relatable. The struggle of the 4 main characters is very real. Even if we haven’t experienced the same struggle, we can be related to or know someone in our life that experienced a similar situation.


As we’re growing up, we have to face our reality with adult problem, life crisis, or society judgment. Which problem do we have in the movie? Men problems – Checked! Men flashing? – Checked! Work problems? – Checked! I won’t spoil too much of it for you, but expect more problems to come. The way Girls Trip resolves each problem with such witty yet simple solutions is simply brilliant. You will love it.

One way or another, we learn to deal with problems in our own way, whether we have to put on a brave face and lie to ourselves or take the bull by the horns. Girls Trip shows me how to be brave and how I can deal with life while staying true to myself which leads to my next point.

Women support:

Every woman needs some kind of support to go through her life. Even when women try to be brave on the surface, deep down, we need some support to be who we are. Girls Trip shows the support can come from different sources such as friends, partners, colleagues, etc. Ever seen a quirky girl who can be a bit strange, yet effective at work, adds “innocently racist,” but loves you no matter what and you just can’t be mad at her? Seem familiar? I bet you’ve seen someone like that somewhere before. You should watch the movie and do some fact check.

It doesn’t matter where you can find it or who it is, it only matters if they can be honest, reliable to you and accept you as your true self are your support. Plus, you can see your true value in the people that love you unconditionally and love you no matter what.



Girls Trip brings good laugh throughout the entire movie. It got 88% on Rotten Tomatoes for a reason.  All the jokes and crazy scenarios just crack me up to no end. As I mentioned earlier, the movie gets some of the realest situations on screen with a bit of extreme to heighten the audience’s expectation and then proceed to a huge burst.

My favorite scene was (spoiler alert) the dance off. I don’t know about you ladies, but I wish I knew those dance moves. It was simply girls just want to have fun even when competing. Curious to see how good it is? You should check it out. I guarantee dancers will approve of those moves. It was the explosion I need for this summer.

Moreover, Girls Trip shows me all we need is a good laugh and an enjoyable time with our girls at some point to keep life going.


I hope I have convinced you to grab your wallet and run to the nearest movie theater to watch this movie. Have a great summer and I’ll see you in the next blog!


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