Best (Budget) Blush

Hi everyone!

Today I am writing about something particularly exciting: my favorite blushes. I discovered these earlier in 2017 and quickly realized that no one else was talking about them. I am still dumbfounded by this because not only are they amazing, they’re also cheap!

So, what blush is it?

H&M Beauty Blushes.


H&M?? OK but aren’t they a clothing store?  Well, yes, but they also released a beauty line within recent years. And people are totally sleeping on it because these blushes are amazing.


  • Are the perfect amount of pigmented (not too pigmented, buildable!)
  • Have a wide variety of shades
  • Have a beautiful satin finish (not glittery, but it isn’t matte either)
  • Are only $9.99
  • Last all day!
  • In my opinion, have the perfect packaging. It is a sleek black case, which is plastic, but that doesn’t bother me. It is super slim and easy to travel with. There isn’t a mirror either but I would never use it anyway so it just adds bulk for me.


Have I convinced you yet?? I currently only own two but I am hoping to get more. However, when I went to my local H&M recently, all the blush testers were of a shade that I already own (Brown Sugar) which was disappointing! But soon, I’ll get more.

The two shades I currently own are Cameo Pink and Brown Sugar. Cameo Pink is perfection in blush form. It’s a dusty muted pink color that makes me look youthful and healthy. Brown Sugar is a beautiful warm neutral shade that compliments pretty much every look. Below are my swatches, Brown Sugar on top and Cameo Pink on bottom.


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