Food Talk

From the past year or so, I’ve had a chance to really get in touch with my body. Thats mostly because I started going to the gym very regularly. And when you spend one hour a day on yourself, working on yourself, you start hearing what your body has to say. Over the year, I’ve stopped eating my feelings. The year has been about turning my back to my bad coping habits and trying to forge them into working out. Obviously it wasn’t easy and I honestly still struggle. But once the results start showing–high energy, more endorphins, happy thoughts, sweat, toning, tiny baby muscles–there’s no stopping anyone.

Last summer, I spent the better half of my time in New York. The heat was crazy and I was working and doing summer school. Planning my meals was stressful but I was determined not to derail from a healthy lifestyle I had adapted to just because of my tight schedule.

This was the year I really took to smoothies and stir fry’s. Before this, I never gave those two things much thought but they saved me. During class time, I often found myself craving Starbucks Frappuccinos. Sometimes I gave into the temptation but most times I was able to divert my craving to a giant cup of berry smoothies. So much so that I found myself replacing coffee with smoothies to stay awake in class. It was a miracle!

Stir Frys are a quick, healthy fix for a busy life. You can serve it with rice, bread, naan, or literally anything you like. My options are a little limited because I am a vegetarian. But really.

Try these things out. Apply them during this time of the year when its too hot to (sometimes) function.


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