Eye Makeup Brushes

Hi everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote a blog post, as I pre-wrote my posts for the month of May while I was in Europe. I had a fabulous time and can’t wait to write about some of my experiences in later blog posts.

But today I want to talk about makeup and more specifically makeup brushes. Back in December, I decided I wanted some nice quality eye brushes as I was getting more into eye shadow. Before then, I had a random assortment of drugstore and Morphe brushes. And while they were OK, I just felt that there were better brushes out there. Cut to me furiously researching eye makeup brushes and I decided that I wanted The Complete Eye Set from Zoeva. I picked this set because Zoeva brushes has a good reputation and the price was reasonable for what I wanted.


Wow, was I ever impressed by these brushes. They’re very soft against my eyelids, which actually made me realize how scratchy my other brushes were! The set is awesome, it has everything that I could possibly need. I really think having better brushes has helped me elevate my eye shadow game.

Another thing I noticed about these brushes is that they are super easy to wipe off and use again with a different color. Honestly, I don’t have enough brushes to grab a new one every time I want to use a new color so I need brushes I can quickly wipe off and reuse. I just wipe off the brush on the back of my hand until I don’t see color coming off anymore. In addition, when I do wash the brushes they hold their shape once they dry.

I’d recommend these brushes to someone who really wants to get better at eye shadow and sees themselves using the brushes regularly, otherwise they’re not really worth the investment.

Lastly, I want to highlight a few of my favorite brushes:

  • 227- Luxe Soft Definer: I use this for any blending or applying of shadow in the crease. It’s narrower on its side so it can be used more precisely or for a wide area.
  • 234- Luxe Smokey Shader: A great brush for packing a shadow all over the lid.
  • 231- Luxe Petit Crease: I love this brush for intensifying color in a small area or blending out shadow on the lower lash line.
  • 237- Detail Shader: A tiny brush perfect for inner corner highlights.





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