Vegan Eats Part II


Hello Everyone!

These past few weeks have been pretty crazy as I was gearing up for finals. Unfortunately, that meant that the blog had to take a back seat, but I am happy to say that I am back! Before I took my brief hiatus, I started a mini-series where I list some the essential transitioning vegan food. This list is intended to guide you to some great tasting food for those times when you’re missing your old favorites. I do want to say that most of these foods are not part of what I would call a “healthy” vegan diet, because most of these items are processed. The healthiest vegan diet is the one that pretty much entirely made up of whole plant foods. But, everything in moderation, am I right?

coconut bliss

1. Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
In my last post, I mentioned “Yours Truly” by Toffuti, and how it’s some of the greatest vegan ice cream known to mankind, I have to say that Coconut Bliss is pretty high up there on my list too. I really like this ice cream because not only is it absolutely delicious and comes in a wide variety of flavors, but the ingredients list is also pretty simple.

That means that when you eat this product, you’re not ingesting a bunch of crazy chemicals. It’s mainly just coconut and agave and whatever else is needed for the flavor itself. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Peanut Butter and Ginger Cookie Caramel, but you’d be safe buying any one of these flavors. I haven’t been disappointed yet!



2. Field Roast Sausage Links
I’m just to go ahead and say that these right here are the best vegan sausages I have ever had. These are my go to 100% of the time now. As far as I know, they are only available in three flavors: Mexican Chipotle, Smoked Apple Sage and Italian.

My personal favorites are the Italian flavor and Mexican Chipotle, but Smoked Apple Sage is delicious as well. Field Roast as a brand is absolutely wonderful because I haven’t had one product I didn’t like. Their meats are so flavorful, I guarantee you won’t miss eating the real thing. I highly recommend any and all of their products, but especially the sausage!


3. Amy’s California Veggie Burger
I mentioned in my last post that I have invested a lot of time in finding good veggie burgers. Today, I am proud to present to you another great veggie burger for your consideration. When I first bought these, I hadn’t heard anything about them either way. But after trying them, they quickly became one of my go-tos and favorites. What I love about these burgers is that they have a wonderful flavor on their own, but you can easily put any kind of toppings you want and it will be good. Anything you throw at these burgers will be great.


4. Gardein Ch’kn Strips
Last, but certainly not least are the Gardein Ch’kn Strips, which is some of the best tasting fake chicken I have ever had in my life! This company had a very impressive range of mock meats, and their “chicken” is some of their best. I honestly don’t even know if I would know that this wasn’t real meat if nobody told me! I know many vegans now who have made this product a staple in their diet because of how remarkable it is. If you’re a huge fan of chicken and you miss the taste, look no further, because Gardein has got you covered.

So that concludes my post for this week! I hope you all enjoyed it and found some of these suggestions helpful. Also, please keep in mind that I’m suggesting all of these products because of personal experience, and you may find that you like other products better. That’s totally fine! This list is meant to be a guide if you are having trouble finding things you like, or you feel stuck in a rut. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you all for reading.

(P.S. The top I am wearing in the first picture was made by Feminine Boutique’s own Marta! She is quite talented, and these tops are perfect for the summer. She wrote a post about her new business not long ago and I highly recommend checking her tops out.)

Stay Fabulous!

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