Vegan Eats: Part 1

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Hey Guys!

Sticking to the vegan theme from my last blog post, I decided that I would start a short little series where I review/recommend the vegan foods that helped to make my transition easier. Now that I have been vegan for a few years, my diet consists of a mostly whole foods such as fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, legumes etc.

I don’t eat as much processed vegan food as I used to, but every now and then, I get a craving for something not so healthy. Also, I know that with the increasing availability of vegan food, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what replacement products are good. This mini-series is aimed to help with that! Without further adieu, here is the part of the list of my favorite vegan replacement/ junk food products.

YoursTrulyVanilla-2501. Yours Truly by Tofutti
Toffuti changed the vegan ice cream with this one. They have got your vegan back, my friend!! You might look at the packaging and think that this is nothing special, that they are just your average everyday ice cream cone. Let me tell you right now that if you are thinking this at all, you are dead wrong.

I don’t remember who picked these up for the house, but I do know that once I had one, my life was forever changed. I don’t think I could ever truly do this product any justice just by telling you how good it is. It’s one of those things that you just have to experience yourself. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a cruelty free ice cream, grab a box of these beauties. You’ll thank me later.


2. Beyond Meat ‘The Beyond Burger”
Next up on the list is a newer product that deserves just as much praise. Veggie burgers have always been something I have loved, so I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to finding really good ones to recommend.

These burgers are hands down the most authentic tasting veggie burger I have ever tried. Even the way it cooks in the pan/ on the grill will confuse the crap out of you because it looks pretty damn real. The first time I ate one, I almost had a heart attack because I thought that I had somehow messed up and gotten real meat burgers. But I was wrong! There is no trace of an animal product anywhere near this guy, but it sure as hell tastes like there is. 10/10 Would recommend. Seriously. Go out and get a package now.


3. Parmela Creamery Creamy Nut Cheeses
I know that I have raved about the other two products like they were the greatest things since sliced bread (which they are), and I’m about to do it again. My mind goes into a state of complete euphoria when I see this on the shelf. I won’t even be thinking about it, and then I see it, and all of a sudden nothing else matters.

This cheese is made out of cashews, but I swear you would never know that unless someone told you. I recommend this product to anyone who will listen, and so far, everyone who I have told about this product loves it. I love to eat it on crackers, but I am also totally okay with eating it straight out of the container. My only complaint about this cheese is that it doesn’t come in giant tubs. Parmela, you should make that happen. Sincerely, your favorite customer, Gianna.

bostonveg(4 of 19)
4. Uncle Eddies Vegan Cookies
And last, but most certainly NOT least are Uncle Eddies Vegan Cookies. These, my friends, need to become a staple of your junk food diet if they are not already. If you are a cookie addict who is having withdrawals because you haven’t found any decent vegan cookies, look no further. Uncle Eddie is here to save the day.

My personal favorites are the Chocolate Chip with Walnuts and the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Honestly guys, Uncle Eddies deserves a slow clap, standing ovation, encore, world tour, 16 Grammys and an Oscar for these cookies. I really don’t what else to say except that my life is that much better knowing that these cookies exist.

I hope this list gave you some ideas and maybe makes your transitioning a little easier. As always, please feel free to ask an questions that you may have regarding what I have written here, or veganism in general. I’m here to help, and I would love to clear anything up for you.

Stay Fabulous!!!


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