Love in a cup

I am going to dedicate this entire post to my love affair with Starbucks. First of all, it smells so good. The aromas of different coffees just envelope you as you enter and instantly comfort you, it is definitely my go-to place every time I am feeling down. Secondly, I just wanted to appreciate their beautiful new spring cups!! They literally made my day when I first got my hands on them last Friday.


There is just something about walking into a Starbucks that makes me feel at home. Usually, when I walk into a chain I am hit by a wave of nausea. Everything is the same, everywhere I go, and there is a kind of complacency that happens in the way things are presented. It feels like this dystopian land where everyone is compiled to eat, drink, wear the same things. However, Starbucks has always been about quality, presentation, and service. Three things that make me want to go back again and again.

Starbucks was introduced in India 4 years ago. At that time, there were hardly any coffee shops that one could go, sit, and enjoy a cup of coffee. However, Starbucks came in and bombarded my city (Mumbai) with multiple franchises with free wifi and frappuccino’s, changing the definition of what a coffee shop is. It suddenly became acceptable to go there and read a book by yourself. A new culture was born, a culture that only a niche enjoyed but that was now available to everyone.

So, here’s to Starbucks for doing it right. For being so accessible to the crowds, and for sheltering people from the wrath of the world with delicious coffee, good music, and comfy couches.

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